Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy with a lot of stuff lately. But at least, my urban decay haul came now! This is by far my first transaction with Beautyholic Manila, an online reseller of American makeup brands here in Manila. 

I am very happy with my transaction as Jennifer, the lady behind the business, is really kind and accommodating! I have already encountered many other sellers who are very catty, unaccommodating, and rude, so I can tell that she's really nice as a seller! She never leaves any PM or comment unreplied to, so even if her answer is in the negative (e.g an item is already sold out or out of stock at the moment) she will still take the time to reply, which is not so commonplace with other sellers. 

She's uber patient even if I have so many questions and so many follow up orders to my already existing orders. I commend her for her patience!

 I am also very happy with the way she sent the package-- she does not scrimp on bubble wrap. She really uses a good amount of wrap to make sure that the items are safe and unharmed in transit. By far she is the seller who uses the most bubble wrap among all the sellers I've bought from... 

And this is my haul!!! So excited to share it with you guys!!! 

So I got myself the uber coveted NAKED 3 palette for Php 3200 (US $72)! I will definitely have a gazillion more blog posts about this so watch out! 

I also joined in the bandwagon and got myself a canister of Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder in the 3oz bottle for Php 950 (US $22). This is the powder that has an extremely high demand after it was made known that this is one of Kim Kardashian's go to products! I think Jennifer sells the cheapest one in Manila given that Digital Traincase sells the same bottle for 1050 and The Style Quarter sells the same item for 990. 

This item is a discontinuted product now so don't expect to see Urban Decay Marshmallow Powder on their official website. I bought this powder because I thought that the concept of a lickable and kissable powder was amusing, and that I think that body shimmer powder will come in handy when I do makeup on ladies who will don strapless numbers to evening engagements, and merely because the packaging was cute and the price was good for Php1000 (US$23) given that it used to be Php 1600 (US$37). 

And to conclude this haul of mostly Urban Decay products I got myself a deluxe shadow palette also for 1000. It's also discontinued n the US which I wonder heavily about because I think that this palette is more interesting than the Ammo Palette that Urban Decay has... 

And these are the freebies I got! I love how Jennifer sent really great freebies! She gave me a sample set of Urban Decay's revolution lipsticks and a modestly big sample of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer! Happy customer indeed! 

As for those wondering about the store's authenticity, you need not worry because if you go check out Z-palette's site you will see them listed as an official reseller of their magnetic palettes. I don't think that Z-palette will entrust their reselling to a bogus brand, right?

Moreover, Jennifer really has a cousin based in the US who buys all this stuff. This is why she can offer a lot of American brands at relatively good prices... And this is why all her items are authentic. 

In general her items are more or less priced 1.5 times the original US price, which I'm not complaining about given that shipping costs are really expensive and given that her items come in really quickly. I could actually ask our US-based friends to get me these items, but it would take almost three months for it to arrive compared to waiting 3 weeks for an item that Beautyholic has just ordered or just a day for items that she has on hand. (if an item is on hand she can more or less send it to you in a day or two if you're based in Manila).

Moreover, she does not usually write prices on her Facebook albums unless she already has a relatively good mark up on an item or if an item is already sold out in the US. This is because prices fluctuate, shipping fees fluctuate and a lot of things can affect the pricing of an item given that she is basically doing all this reselling without seller support from most of the brands that she carries. An item that she is selling now may cost less or more than it was three months ago, hence the 'PM sent' system.

She carries a lot or brands, not just Urban Decay. She also has LORAC, Inglot, Too Faced, Stila, Ben Nye, Lime Crime, Milani, and a whole lot more!

The next time you need US stuff, be sure to buy from her! I totally recommend doing business with her!

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