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Friday, January 31, 2014

Brown Sugar and Honey Mask

With brown sugar and honey (and a little help from some other stuff), you can have an exfoliating yet moisturizing face mask! 

To start, put 1 tablespoon of brown sugar in a cup.  The brown sugar's purpose here is for exfoliation, the grit of the sugar works as a face scrub as you massage the mask in, and helps to get those dead skin cells off of your face. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Liese Bubble Hair Color Classic Chocolat Review

This is kind of a special milestone in my life because this is the first time I colored my hair! THE FIRST TIMEEE-- I know a lot of girls have had at least ten coloring sessions by the time my age is reached, but I guess I can say that I am one of those hair-uncultured girls. As in I can tell you anything and everything about makeup tips and tricks but cannot style my hair properly even if my life depended on it. 

I am also low maintenance on my hair. I usually choose haircuts that are easy to work with and would not need blow drying or hair wax/gel... I have only had one other chemical treatment in my life which was a botched digital perm (which was October 2012), and it was soooooo bad that I was scared to do anything chemical related to my hair for quite a long time until I mustered the courage this year to color my hair. 

So anyways, I dyed my hair using Liese's bubble hair color! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

CanMake Powder Eyebrow (12-Light) Review

For one of the rare times in my life, I bought eyebrow powder. Not that I live in a cave, but rather I was always accustomed to using pencil. I have giant hairless gaps on my eyebrow area that's why I always felt the need to buy eyebrow pencil because the wax sticks better onto the gaps on my eyebrows compared to powder. Moreover, many of mom's powders that I've tried didn't work well on me. No is just my second time to try a powdered product. This is CanMake's powder brow, one of their powdered eyebrow products.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Geolica CH-625/Nudy Grey Review

Geolica Philippines will now be my only trusted and go-to brand of contact lenses... like forever... 

Because they have the best customer service ever (aside from the fact that the lenses are safe and high quality)...

And yes that rhymed... 

Friday, January 17, 2014

NAKED 3 First Monthsary!

So these are now some of the posts I have about the palette, let's walk back in time (hahahah as if it was that long ago) and recap everything <3

So the first thing I did after getting th epalette was take a gazillion photos of it! Hence my photo appreciation post...

I also have a swatch and review post regarding the palette, and this is where I have more close up photos of the shades themselves...

I also have a post focusing more on the swatches, and I also made swatches of them for darker skintones...

To protect my readers from frauds I also made a comprehensive post on how to visually spot a fake NAKED 3 palette... 

I've already made quite a number of makeup tutorials using the NAKED 3 palette! Do check them out!

And I think it's no longer a surprise that it was the first thing on my 2013 Top 10 beauty favorites list...

What can you say about the NAKED 3 palette? Do tell me in the comments box!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sigma E25 Brush Review and Comparison

Cheers to owning my first ever Sigma brush! For the longest time I was already content with using whatever brushes there were at home, but I came to realize that more than makeup, brushes can make a big difference in how your makeup finish is. They often say that giving a girl a new set of better brushes will make her a better makeup artist overnight. 

And I guess I already know in my heart that my makeup addiction is not just a phase (because as of now my addiction is now celebrating six years), that's why I decided to take things up a notch. 

Back then my brushes just included a three piece eye makeup brush set from Tokidoki and whatever brushes my NAKED palettes had, and everything else was whatever I could rummage from mama's set. Now, I'm slowly adding stuff to my own collection. My first purchase was Sigma's E25 which is a blending brush. 

In a nutshell the brush is a semi-firm medium sized paddle brush with what seems to be natural fibers. I bought this brush because aside from the purpose of blending eyeshadow itself, I think that this is the kind of brush that can also apply eyeshadow in a less saturated way. Asians like me are not fans of over saturated eyeshadows because unlike Caucasians with deep set eyes, applying eyeshadow in an over saturated manner on an Asian girl's eyes will just make her look bruised and dirty. 

The brush came in this plastic tube with the sigma label over it, and brush itself also has a silver text of the brand, the purpose of the brush and the code. I just HATE it when my brushes (or any item for that matter) lose their labels, so I hope that this text will not fade anytime soon! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 6 Part 2 (Taipei 101)

Hooray for Taipei 101!!! The view from the top is already something I'm tired of (as I have already climbed up both the Empire State building in New York and the Eiffel Tower), but the interior of the building is really pretty. Moreover, I really love that I got to see the mass damper! It is just so majestic when it's already in front of you!

This is a photo from directly below the building. I was fresh out of the MRT when I took this photo... and on the ground floor is an outlet of Din Tai Fung as well. This outlet has a crazy following because there were still about 50 people in line even at 10:30 in the evening!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pantone Radiant Orchid Inspired Makeup!

Hooray for Pantone's color of the year for 2014! I am really happy about this selection because the color is exactly my favorite color (as in spot on!!!). Because purple is my favorite color, I have this tendency to purchase makeup simply because the packaging was purple or because the contents were purple... So anyways, here's a bit more information about the color of the year... 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 6 Part 1 (Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Stamp Museum)

Chiang Kai Shek's memorial shrine is really majestic. Enough said. 

For our sixth day in Taiwan, we paid a visit to Chiang Kai Shek's shrine, went to the stamp museum, and went to Taipei 101. I took too much photos in Taipei 101 that I decided to put the photos in another post. 

This is me and my Taiwan based cousin Pauline in front of the music hall that is situated on the memorial property. Yes, the memorial property has a shrine, a music hall, a theatre across it and a giant square to walk on. 

This is the gate post to the property. Isn't it pretty?

Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 5 (Shilin Night Market)

If only it were a bit colder here in the Philippines, our weather could accommodate the sale of candied fruits!!! This is a common thing in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan wherein they'd form fruit kebabs then dip them into a syrup that will harden into a sugar shell afterwards. In some places, to keep the sticky fruit from sticking onto anything or anyone, they would wrap edible rice paper (like the one in the White Rabbit candies) around the fruit!

But well, this isn't really fruit... It's cherry tomato with a small slice of plum. It tastes good, but it's shocking to the tongue as the tomato is really sour and that with every bite a lot of tomato juice spews out...
This is our fifth day in Taiwan, with the highlight being our visit to Shilin Night market.

Taiwan is known for all their snacks, and this happens to be a popular store for giant slabs of fried chicken. They then sprinkle their special pepper onto the chicken, making it really tender, juicy, and above all, tasty. 

The line to this store is quite long, and since there have been a lot of people cutting in line, they now have a receptionist who hands out plastic bags to customers. Only those who have plastic bags will be entertained, and those without bags will be assumed to have cut in line. 

And can you see how big those slices are? Om nom nommmm

Inside the market are lots of interesting stuff. Care for a warmth pack? 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 4 (National Palace Museum, Toy Shopping)

For Day 4 we visited the National Palace Museum, and went to this building full of arcades and Japanese toys and figurines...

No need to apply makeup as the weather is so cold that my skin didn't become oily at all... And that I was too lazy to apply makeup and all hahaha.

The museum had two major exhibits at the moment, one was on Da Vinci's work and the other was on the art and literature collected by Qian Long.

On the way up the entrance I saw these cute grandma's busy with their tai chi I think (?) 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 3 (Dinner In Town)

I loooooove Taiwan's custard buns and lava buns!!! They make this siopao bun, but inside it is a really thick and yolk-ey paste of custard. As for the lava bun, it's basically a custard bun but the custard flows out like lava. I could eat this all of my life and be content.

This is my photo heavy post (I'm sorry there's just a lot of photo-worthy stuff in Taiwan!!!) on our third day in Taiwan. On the third day we went to the temple to pay respects to the ashes of my great grandmother who had passed away over thirty years ago. We also shopped at Carrefour and spent dinner with papa's long time friends from waaay back in primary school.

The temple part is kind of the funny part because we were supposed to pay a solemn visit to my great grandmother's ashes but realized when we were already in the temple that this was the wrong temple and that my great grandmother's ashes were in the smaller temple next door. Anyhow, this first temple we went to was really beautiful and serene.

And when it's not raining, there's a lot of pigeons on the rooftop. The general aura is calm and peaceful so there are a lot of birds flying around and chirping whilst perched on the temple's trees. 

As with any temple, there are a lot of 'stylish' doorposts...

This is the view on the way to the top of the temple. The general feel is different from temples here in the Philippines because the temple is really cold, and that it's built on a hill, requiring a good amount of stair climbing before you can reach some of the shrines... Here in the Philippines I have yet to see a temple built on a hill, or a temple that requires a good amount of staircase usage for that fact... 

Majestic temple indeed... 

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 2 (Sogo, The Eslite, Food Trip)

Hooray for Xiao Long Bao! Hooray for Din Tai Fung! So these are some of the stuff we were up to on our second day in Taiwan.

For starters, I just love how common it is to see Arashi and SNSD posters and CD's virtually everywhere. That is most definitely not the case in the Philippines as Arashi is not so known here, and that SNSD merchandise are still not as widely spread out as in Taiwan.

This is the entrance to a music store, and as is visible it is full of K-pop and J-pop banners... 

For this day, Mama's aunt took us around town. Our first stop was The Red House near Ximen station. This used to be a moviehouse I think, and then they repurposed it to be a center for young and upcoming designers to display and sell their items, ranging from clothing, jewelry and novelty items as well as stetionery. There are also small exhibits, and for the time that we visited there was an exhibit on Taiwanese music through the ages... 

Monday, January 06, 2014

2013 Taiwan Trip Day 1 (Ximending)

Hi everyone! In case you were wondering about the lack of updates, it was because I went to Taiwan for a vacation with my family!!! We were there from the 24th to the 30th of December, and of course, in the process, I took a gazillion photos to share with you all. This is day 1 of our trip.

To start off is the ramen dinner which we hadon our first night. We went to this restaurant named arashi and I ordered their tonkotsu ramen with additional char siu slices. This bowl was like 220 NT (approx 330 pesos) which I think is already affordable relative to the ramen restaurants here in Manila...

Look at them char siu slices!!! #omnomnom #happytummy 

And here is the general look of the streets in Ximending. I was told that this was the teenagers' hangout place as it was full of stores selling beauty products, youthful clothes and lots of Western apparel brands . The green signage is of La New, which apparently is their up and rising shoe brand. Even TV ads of local channels are from this shoe company. And as you will see there is also a L'Occitane outlet as well as signages for facial care and cosmetic treatment centers. 

But what I am going to elaborate on on this post is my amazement at this store called Mag Freak. It is basically a store brimming with Japanese magazines across all disciplines. As in brimming. I almost went crazy with all the choices of magazines inside!

This is just the first floor, mind you all. They have three floors of Japanese magazine display space! THREE FLOOOOORS!!!! You can see my brother (with the giant backpack) already rushing into the store to see what it has... 

They have all the possible Japanese fashion and beauty magazines you can think of in this store, with the popular ones like CuTIE, SCawaii, Popteen, Seventeen, ViVi, Marie Claire, an-an, non-no Can Can, VoCe, and Spur. And relative to Hong Kong prices, their selling prices for these imported magazines are livable!