Etude House came up with a new BB cream which is their Blooming Fit BB Cream. When they sent me a tube to try it, I thought that before I make a formal review of the new BB cream here on my blog, I think it'd be nicer to start off by comparing it to its predecessor, the Bright Fit BB cream. 

I knew that there were a lot of comparisons to be made which is why I decided to share my opinions in a video instead. 

Color wise, from afar, it'd seem that the two have the same colors... 

But if you look up close, you'd see that Blooming Fit is marginally more yellow in tone compared to Bright Fit. In real life, though, as I've said in the video, Bright Fit comes with a pinkish grey undertone. 

This is the arm swatch of the two. The one on the left half is Bright Fit and the one on the right half is Blooming Fit. Apologies if it's not so obvious, but hopefully the divide in the center of the photo makes the differences a little more visible. 

If you want something for everyday, with just a little coverage and a nice glow, you'd be better off with Blooming Fit. If you're going to a more formal event, or if you have a lot of sun spots and discolorations on your face, you'd be better off with Bright Fit. 

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