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Monday, June 22, 2015

Etude House Enamelting Shade 22 Review

Hooray for another Enamelting review! This time I tried out shade 22. It's a nice, creamy salmon pink shade. To be honest, the color kinda gave me salmon cravings... I also wanted to show the polish day after day. It lasted on me for six days, which is already a major major feat for someone who can barely last more than two days with a manicure. Another reason why this is a big feat is because I was able to get a thick layer of polish on my nails that it almost looks like acrylic nail polish and still got it to last that long...

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Etude House Enamelting Experience + Shade #8 Review


So yeah, I think that says it all. I'm usually hesitant about doing my nails because whenever I apply nail polish, I can expect it to be all chipped off in less than two days. Blame it on my nails, I'm guessing all these years that it's too oily or acidic or something (I've never had nail polish last on me for more than 4 days without a chip-off), and also to the fact that I lead a very chore-filled lifestyle. I'm always washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, tidying things up, and basically doing all sorts of chores that aren't good for preserving manicures. I always skip my nails on normal days because I'm like "What's the use of doing this if I have to re-do this again in less than three days?" 

But well, something changed that. And that's gel. 

I've long heard of gel manicures, but I never got to try it because it's a salon thing. I'm too busy to make it to salons, which is why it merely became an awareness that it exists and nothing else.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yamashiro Whitening Soap Review

 Hooray for instant white! I was graciously sent a sample of Yamashiro Whitening soap by their Philippine distributors.