Hi friends! This is more of a snappy post brought to you by Etude House Philippines. AGC, the  distributor of Etude House here, has long been battling online sellers who sell fake products. In the first place, even if one is selling authentic products, it is in legal violation of AGC's status as the sole and official distributor of Etude House products in the Philippines. But what's worse is that a lot of sellers sell fake products. Before AGC can even import any Etude House product for sale here, they have to go through stringent clearances and approvals from the FDA--Etude House Korea goes as far as to reformulate a product just to get rid of ingredients not allowed here in the Philippines. This is why it pains them to see so many people willingly harming themselves with fake products when they are making extreme efforts to make the products safe for Pinoys to use. 

AGC does not want consumers to suffer with the consequences of using fake Etude House products, and has been making a concrete effort since its introduction of Etude House to the Philippines to increase the number of branches and certified online resellers to make authentic products accessible to the populace. 

Here is their statement with regards to the issue: 
"We have not consented to any sale of such products by Lazada.com.ph and and is not in any way connected with the website and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity and/or genuineness of the product sold by the said website. 

In connection with this, Rosa Fiore House Corporation had filed criminal charges against the responsible corporate officers of LAZADA.com.ph for violations of Sections 155, 168 and 169 of the Intellectual Property Code due to the selling and/or facilitating the sale of fake and/or counterfeit Etude House of Korea product before the Office of the City Prosecutor of Makati which had been docketed as NPS DOCKET NO. XV-05-INV-15G2846."