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Friday, November 20, 2015

My Margaret and Charles Salon Eyebrow Threading Experience

Thank you so much again for the great services, Margaret and Charles! You may have seen my blog post from awhile back raving about their hair color service. To kind of give a short post hair color report, I really love what they did because the hair color defies regrowths. There was an awkward regrowth in the middle of it, but after that phase, when my hair regrowth was about two inches already, it's like my balayage repeated itself again, just with an additional color! Weww! I was able to enjoy my hair color for over 5 months, so if you want a good deal for your hair, DO get their balayage color!!!  

But well, wait, let me go back to the threading. One of the things they also did for me was to thread my eyebrows during the waiting times hahahaha. 

Aileen has had work experience in Arab countries, which is why she is very good with brows. I know that Arabs are very particular with their brows and will not settle for less than perfect service, so I really trust Aileen.

To the point that I allowed her to thread my eyebrows even if I was still scared after a semi-botched threading from awhile back. I had my eyebrows done, and I feel like too much was taken off that my eyebrow arch disappeared. I had to wait for months, or almost a year if I count correctly, before the arch hair grew back.

What I liked about this is that they make customers pull their eyelid during the threading process in order to reduce the pain. The last time I had a threading done, I don't remember any of this being instructed to me, which is probably why it hurt so bad. And perhaps Aileen's skills also go into play which is why she is so swift in doing this.

This is how my brows looked like after the threading. It looks neat and clean, but most importantly the arch is still there! My eyebrow hairs grow quite fast (despite being sparse and thin!), which is why I was not able to enjoy this for such a long time. It took about two weeks or so for growths to spurt out again.  

But anyways, here's a GIF of the process! Enjoy! 

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