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Saturday, December 31, 2016

5 Biggest Struggles of Blogging

You guys know how much I love blogging. I mean I wouldn't be doing this for so many years now if I didn't like it, right? More so start the blog? 

I love blogging and it has become a very important part of my life, but of course, it is something, too, in the world of today, that comes with a lot of struggles. I normally don't like to dwell on struggles or negativity for that matter, but sometimes, I feel talking about them can also be a healthy way to open up everyone's perspectives on things. So here I go. 

The biggest struggle is probably:

Friday, December 23, 2016

Beauty News: Strip Debuts Limited Edition Mulled Wine Waxing Service

Thinking of going on a trip for the holidays? Get into the spirit of the season and make sure you stay confidently beautiful enough to bare wherever you go with STRIP’s limited edition Mulled Wine Wax.
Following the same well-loved formula that STRIP has been known for, the limited edition Mulled Wine Wax is perfect for those who are thinking of getting Brazilian or Boyzilian for the first time. It’s infused with the warm and festive scent of red wine, orange, cloves, and cinnamon, which is sure to get you into a holiday mood.
Packed with the healing effects of aloe vera and chamomile, STRIP’s waxes are known for significantly reducing any discomfort that is often associated with waxing, making it ideal for use on sensitive areas. In addition, it also helps keep waxed areas well-hydrated, and even brightens it with regular use.
Here’s the best part—as a special holiday promotion, everyone can enjoy Brazilian Waxing using the limited-edition Mulled Wine Wax for only Php1798.00 and Underarm Waxing for Php798.00 until March 2017.
STRIP currently has three locations in the Philippines, including Serendra, Greenbelt 5 and Mega Fashion Hall. For more information, you may visit or send an email to You may also follow

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Etude House Missing U (04-Pink Dolphin Story) Hand Cream Review

Okaaaay so this is yet another one of those draft posts that got stuck in the pipeline. I am sooo sorry. In fact, I don't even think it's even available here now XDDD My bad... 

But it's still available at so I thought I'd blog about this anyways! Just a short blog post for this super cute product. So yeah this is their Missing U Hand Cream. There are three other variants, namely the penguin, seal, and panda. This one I got is the Pink Dolphin. I bought this yeaars back from an Etude House store here and used this up yeaars back hahaha. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beauty News: Cute Christmas Boxes with Every Althea Order!!!

Hello, Althea box collector! If you were so excited to get your Althea birthday box last June, their Christmas box is bound to get you just as excited! Too cute for our lives!!!

This festive season, Althea has a lot going on so please check out their promotions page to get the best deals:

Deals include Php300 off Php1000 for app users. There are Daebak 1+1 promotions flying around the site. There are also soooo many curated boxes and discounts here and there. Aaaand the boxes!!! They're too cute!!! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beauty News: Althea Launches Althea App to Make Shopping Easy

Southeast Asia’s leading platform for all things K-Beauty Althea launches their long awaited mobile app for customers to shop on the go. Althea customers are given an exclusive promotional code to use for their first purchase made using the mobile application.

Althea unveiled their highly-anticipated mobile application, capping off a successful year for Southeast Asia’s No.1 K-Beauty destination. This year alone, Althea expanded to 3 new
countries (Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand) after Malaysia and Singapore in 2015. The newly launched mobile application will be available on both iOS and Android systems.

Althea’s mobile application not only allows the consumer the convenience of shopping anywhere with just a few taps, but have also added features such as being able to follow their favourite brands, and adding items to their wish list by tapping the heart button above the product. This allows the consumer to get the latest updates on new arrivals, sales and current promotions as well as get recommendations based on the products they like or have previously purchased.

The application is also aesthetically appealing with easy browsing of products and brands, showcasing a clean and simple-to-understand interface that allows customers to make purchases in a quick and easy fashion while keeping up to date with the latest and best of K-Beauty from South Korea.

Althea’s CFO, Jae Kim commented:
"The Althea mobile app is part of our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the easiest and most convenient way to browse, discover, and shop for their favorite K-Beauty products. The app is specifically designed to be fast, simple, and easy to navigate. Through this, we hope to cater to the increasingly on-the-go lifestyles of our users so they can shop any time, anywhere. In the near future, we will introduce new and exciting features such as personalized recommendations, video and other high-quality content, and unique social interaction.”

Althea App is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. In conjunction with the launch of their app, Althea will be giving out an exclusive promotional code for customers to use on their first app purchase. For Philippines, the code is MOBFIRST300 to discount P300 off a minimum of P1000 purchase. Terms and conditions apply. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beauty News: Céleteque Launches ALL NEW Makeup!!!!!

All-NEW Céleteque DermoCosmetics Products On Beauty Experts’ Wish Lists
Proper skin care and a deft hand with makeup are often considered two essential weapons in a woman’s arsenal when it comes to being confident in her looks, but we are also often warned about the way makeup can dry out and grease up the skin, working against the effects of good skin care. Céleteque’s dermatologists, however, see no reason why the products that even out skin tone, highlight lips or eyes or cheeks, and bring color and drama to our looks shouldn’t also help ensure the health of our skin, the basic canvas we have to work with.
This is why Céleteque has continuously grown in popular demand for its DermoScience skin care products, and even more so for its DermoCosmetics line.  Céleteque DermoCosmetics are all dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, perfectly blending the enhancing effects of cosmetics with the nurturing benefits of expert skin care. Now, the fave dermo-grade brand has expanded beyond its original offerings to include seven more all-NEW makeup products that offer a “perfect combination” of skin benefits: protects and nourishes your skin, as well as make skin look radiant and beautiful.
Learn more about the new products below:
All About The Base: Base and Face Products
Joining the Matte CC Powder, Dark Spot Concealer Stick, and 24-hr Photoready Foundation in Céleteque DermoCosmetics’ all-face products line are the 24-hr Photoready Matte Primer, CC Micro-Hydrating Powder, and 2-in-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit.
The Céleteque DermoCosmetics 24-hr Photoready Matte Primer (P825) helps your makeup look flawless for longer, thanks to its silky, weightless formula that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines and reduces shine for a smooth, flawless look. Four components help this happen: Polymethyl Methacrylate to minimize pores, fine lines, and wrinkles; Silica for oil control and to give your skin a silky-soft and matte look and feel; and Dimethicone and Dimethicone Crosspolymer, which work together to form a protective barrier on the skin and helps your makeup last longer.

The Céleteque DermoCosmetics CC Micro-Hydrating Powder (P930) comes in light porcelain, classic natural, and deep beige shades. It hydrates your skin while controlling oil and shine and has SPF 30 to provide double sunscreen protection—a must-have in climates like ours! The pot containing the powder features an autogrinding technology that gives you an ultrafine and hydrating powder that evens out your skin complexion and is easy to blend. With a few twists, it provides just the right amount of product you need. It contains Hyarluronic Acid to replenish the skin and help it retain moisture, Silica to reduce excess oil and give your skin a silky-soft finish, and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) to hydrate and nourish the skin even further.

Say goodbye to raccoon eyes with Céleteque DermoCosmetics’ 2-in-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit (P745), which is a two-component solution to the dark circles under your eyes that may be caused by poor sleep, allergies, hormone levels, or even the food you eat or the genes you’re born with. The kit contains an Eye Balm to reduce puffiness under the eye and an Eye Foundation in light, natural, and beige shades to cover and lighten your eyebags. Ingredients include the trademarked Cytobiol Lumin-eye to reduce puffiness and under-eye bags; Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) to nourish, hydrate, and firm up the skin, minimizing lines under the eyes; and antioxidants like Ubiquinone, Squalane, and Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, all of which help prevent further skin damage.
Puckers and Flushes: Lip and Cheek Products
The bloom of youth and health can be enhanced with Céleteque DermaCosmetics’ lip and cheek products; the Matte Lip Stick, Blush & Face Contour Kit, and Cheek Color Stick have become must-haves in womens’ kikay kits, but now you may want to consider the convenience of Moisturizing Lip & Cheek Duo or the luscious effect of the Ultra-Nourishing Lip Lacquer.
If you’re on the go and need a one-stop-shop solution to add some bloom to your look, you may just find the Céleteque DermoCosmetics Moisturizing Lip & Cheek Duo (P665), available in Rosy Blush and Soft Berry, is a lifesaver. This oil-free and streak-free mousse contains Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), which acts as an antioxidant that protects your lips and cheeks from free radicals that lead to dryness, as well as Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin, which help your skin retain moisture better, making it firmer, softer, and smoother for a more youthful appearance.

For an extra-kissable pout, you’ll definitely want to carry around the Céleteque DermoCosmetics Ultra-Nourishing Lip Lacquer (P545), which is lightweight, smooth, and non-greasy and comes in three shades: Natural Nude, Soft Pink, and Velvet Red. This gel-based lip moisturizer will keep your lips soft and supple all day, thanks to a formulation that includes the hydrating and moisturizing Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), castor seed oil, and Panthenol, all of which contribute to softer, smoother lips.
Eye: Eye Products
If the eyes really are the windows to the soul, you’ll definitely want to make sure they look gorgeous. Céleteque DermoCosmetics’ 24-hr Lashes Volumizer and Eyebrow Nourishing Serum can go a long way to helping you pretty up your peepers, but they’ll be even more effective when you add the all-new Eyebrow Defining Kit and Long-Wear Eyeshadow Palette to your beauty arsenal.
The Céleteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit is a 2-in-1 formulation of Tinted Wax and color-complementing Eyebrow Powder containing Shea Butter and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) to moisturize and smoothen your brow area, as well as Argan Kernel Oil to ease the blending process. The overall effect is easy-to-achieve definition for your brows.

Get those peepers to pop with the easy-to-blend lightweight Primer and naturally toned eyeshadow found in the Céleteque DermoCosmetics Long-Wear Eyeshadow Palette (P725). The product contains Shea butter, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), and Evening Primrose Oil, all of which help keep your lids moisturized and smooth and make the elements easy to blend.

Celeteque DermoCosmetics are available at all Watson’s stores nationwide.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Maybelline Bold Matte (Mat 4) Lipstick Review and Swatches

This is yet another review that got stuck in the pipelines! I am sooo sorry I am gonna do this review now! 

This is Maybelline's Bold Matte Lipstick, their attempt in making a powderless matte formula. The promise is a comfortable, smooth feeling on the lips, but with a sophisticated matte lip look.

This shade is Mat 4, or what I'd call a slightly watered down chili red. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Maybelline Bold Matte (Mat 1) Lipstick Review and Swatches

Whelp, this is yet another review that got stuck in the drafts list for a veeeery looooong time! So I'm finally doing it now. 

This is Maybelline's Bold Matte Lipstick, their attempt in making a powderless matte formula. The promise is a comfortable, smooth feeling on the lips, but with a sophisticated matte lip look. 

This is Mat 1, or a cool coral pink shade. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sony Fair Launch (December 9, 2016)

Happy 70th, Sony!!! Yeahp,  Sony has been around since 1946! That's why this year is a big year for them as it is virtually unbelievable for a tech company to survive this long. They have survived the test of time through constantly churning out innovative products and anchoring their wares in the hearts of people. I have yet to see somebody whose younger years were not impacted by Sony in one way or another. I think it's still safe to say that for the current generation, Walkman and Playstation are the hallmarks of childhood. Perhaps, Sony's Playstation Virtual Reality will probably be the hallmark of the childhood of the kids of today.  

In order to celebrate their 70th year and showcase what they've been up to as of late, they invited members of the press and media to be the first to experience their Sony Fair. The Sony Fair, from my own experiences, is their own way to orient consumers with the current products of Sony and reaffirm its presence in the minds of people. It was all about learning about the new things Sony has to offer alongside the staples that we always look to Sony for. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life News: Freshlook and AirOptix At 25% Off Till Year End

Christmas shopping can be a stressful experience. We thought of making it easier as we launch FreshLook and Air Optix Colors Gift Certificate – perfect gifts for our loved ones.

AIR OPTIX® COLORS and FreshLook®Color Contact Lenses are designed to enhance dark or light eyes and bring out one’s natural beauty.  They are made with a unique, smooth surface and feature a technology that combines 3 colors -in -1 to blend naturally with the color of your eye.  Filipino women can now choose to  have AIR OPTIX®Colors for Long Hour Wear or FreshLook® for Everyday Wear  depending on their lifestyle.      These lenses are available with or without vision correction.

AIR OPTIX®Colors and FreshLook®, both designed to create beautiful, natural     looking eyes, while providing healthy vision and consistent comfort throughout one’s wearing period have their own special wearing modalities. Knowing how long you want to use your contact lens in a day matters. Just like our bodies need to breathe, oxygen is also essential for the health of the cornea, the clear, domed-shaped front part of the eye. Insufficient oxygen may cause corneal swelling and lead to irritated and red eyes which may bring about uncomfortable lens wear. AIR OPTIX® Colors is made up of proprietary “silicone hydrogel material which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the contact lenses; therefore they are perfect for LONG-HOUR WEAR.  FreshLook® on the other hand, used the classic hydrogel material and is best for EVERYDAY WEAR.

This December, FreshLookColorBlends and Air Optix Colors Gift Certificates will  now be available in leading optical clinics at  25% discount. FreshLook® will now only be @ 896.00/pair instead of P1195.00 and AIR OPTIX® COLORS will now only be 1121.00/pair instead of P1495.00.  GCs are available until December 31, 2016. Redemption is valid until January 31, 2017. FreshLookColorBlends and Air Optix Colors Gift Certificates will be available in participating optical clinics:

-       Optical Works – Shoppesville Greenhills, SM SouthMall, SM North, SM Dasma, SM Bacoor, SM Pampanga
-       Ideal Vision Center – SM North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, SM Mega, SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Sta Mesa, Shoppesville Greenhills, Glorietta 3
-       Sarabia Optical – Greenbelt, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center
-       JP Sabater Optical – Pasig, Magnolia, Festival Mall
-       Mojica Chavez Optical – Paranaque
-       Almeda Optical – Glorietta 4
-       Sarabia Optical – RockWell
-       The Optical Shop - Trinoma, Gateway, AliMall
-       Gold Heart Optical – E. Rodriguez
-       The Eyepod – SM MegaMall
-       Perez Optical – Harrison Plaza
-       Magno Optical – Glorietta 1, Ayala Terraces Fairview, Sta Lucia, Robinsons Pioneer, Shangri-La Plaza, Trinoma
-       Perez Optical – Glorietta 4, Alabang Town Center
-       Vision Plus Optical – Masangkay Manila, UltiMart San Pablo 
-       R. Clarin Optical – Batangas City
-       Eye Studio Optical – WalterMart Plaridel, E. Rodriguez, SM Sucat
-       Soliman Paroli Optical – SM Clark, Nepo Mall

So, go and give your loved ones the gift of beauty and vision, give them AIR OPTIX®Colors and FreshLook Contact Lens. Have a fun, breathtaking, beautiful Christmas! Log on to our  Facebook page @FreshLookPH and AirOptixPH

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Silkygirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm Review and Swatches

This product is too good to be true. I swear. It's thin, wispy, and lightweight. It's comfy and nourishing. It packs soooo much color without the user even trying. And it's just Php279 for like a 1.5 inch long chubby stick of product! 

Is there anything that Silkygirl actually can't do? Like seriously? I like how the brand always understands the concerns of people in tropical countries and creates products that people in Southeast Asia will like. I honestly am eyeing their fragrances as they have plenty of expensive smelling perfumes for under 300... Imma hoard and tell you dolls what happens... 

But before that, today's review is all about this new addition to Silkygirl Philippines' roster of goodies. In case you were wondering, they're working I think to sell online, but they do have stalls in Landmark and Robinsons. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (80- Creamy Beige) Review and Swatches

Say hello to one of the most useful items a girl can have in her kit! It's been a year since I got this jar of Maybelline's Color Tattoo, and in the year that I got it it has been a big help for plenty of looks. This shade in particular, Creamy Beige, is a very versatile shade as it is mostly matte with a tiny little dusting of the occasional shimmer. 

This is my latest tutorial using it! Dooo check it outttt 

Friday, December 09, 2016

Menow Kissproof Lipsticks Roundup Review and Swatches

I am sooooo sorrryyyy. This blog post was due to be up waaaay back in June, but so many things happened from that time on that only now that I am finishing off my 2016 backlog officially that I can legitimately attend to this. This blog post is late even in the blogosphere because I think people have now moved onto other cheap thrills. But nonetheless since I already slaved over the product shots and swatches I might as well talk about them all here. 

This is Menow's Kissproof lipstick, and I had the privilege of being able to swatch all 19 shades thanks to Rizalyn of Fordachic. I was supposed to aggressively link to her store here in this post out of gratitude, but when I last checked, her IG store is no more. Perhaps she moved onto other ventures. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

#MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline

I think every girl is sure to get something from Maybelline for Christmas because of three possible reasons. One, Liza Soberano. Two, the Crazy Sale is ongoing. Three, they launched so many products this year there just has to be something for every girl on your list. 

Soooo if I am to recall, this yeaar, they released:
Eyes/Eyebrows- Blushed Nudes, Rock Nudes, Fashion Brow Duo Shaper
Face- Dream Velvet Foundation, Reformulaed Clear Smooth AIO Powder, V-Face Contour Line, Micellar Water, BB Cushion
Lips- Lip Gradation, Vivid Mattes, Rosy Mattes, Lip Flush, Creamy Mattes Brown Nudes, Lip Flush Bitten Lip

And these products all join an already very expansive product line. 2016 is Maybelline's year, especially with having Liza as an endorser. But Liza aside, they released so many things this year, I think waaay more than they did in the past few years. So that's why it's possible to #MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline. There reaally just has to be something for whatever gift objective you have. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Sample Room Now Has Zenutrients' Holiday Products! (+Price List)

Merry Christmas from Zenutrients! In yet another very tita blog post, here we are with Zenutrients' holiday fare. If you are looking for tita gifts this Christmas, Sample Room is the place to go to easily get your Zenutrients items. Like you can go to Zenutrients' stores, but it'd be so convenient to send out three items at a time to a loved one. Who knows, you might convert your tita to be a Sample Room roommate this Christmas? 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Shades Hair Color Now in Sample Room!

Hair color is more or less a monthly task, but of course, the finances required to maintain a monthly dye job can make a dent on one's budget. Especially for those who dye to cover grey hair-- it can be quite hard to keep up with the grey hair. Sample Room is thus proud to carry Shades Cream Hair Dye and more or less be the official introducer of this product in the market. Thus far, Sample Room is the only place I've learned about this product! This will be all the 55,000 roommates' little secret for now...

But it's a secret that won't stay a secret for long because this has plenty of things to brag about despite being the newcomer. One, this is probably the cheapest at Php120 per box for up to shoulder length hair. Two, this boasts that this has no parabens nor heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium), hence its #SureAndSafe claims. Third, this boasts nourishing ingredients in the mix such, specifically hydrolyzed wheat protein.  

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Maybelline New Vivid Matte Shades Review and Swatches

In yet another dizzying blog post, this is yet another Vivid Matte collection from Maybelline! You may have just seen me do a review over Vivid Matte lipsticks, and yes, these are also Vivid Matte lipsticks. They're not an addition to the existing collection, and the existing collection was not banished in favor of this. And to add to the confusion there are Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipsticks. So this is, safe to say, the last lip release for Maybelline to cap off a very strong, if not its strongest, year in its lippie game. 

This year, we were blessed with Maybelline's Lip Gradation, Rosy Mattes, Vivid Mattes, Lip Flush, Creamy Matte Brown Nudes, Lip Flush Bitten Lip, and then this. And I am sure there were releases that they did that they just didn't spend a marketing budget over (like 1-2 additions to existing collections) but the new products are already in store. But I swear the Maybelline lip family grew tremendously this year, and sales soared to a new unprecedented level when Liza took the reins as the newest Maybelline girl last August.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Maybelline Core Vivid Matte Shades Review and Swatches

This is yet another one of those blog posts that took soooo long to come out! December is indeed my "clean up backlog" month. And so for today I have this review for what could possibly be Maybelline's most electrifying release yet. But as far as this year is concerned, this is the runaway winner for most elecrifying lip release. 

So as not to confuse everyone, I am calling this the core release for Vivid Matte Lipstick becauuuse there is Vivid Matte liquid lipstick and there is a new Vivid Matte lipstick release as for Q4 this year. And all of them are potentially going to be on this blog (I already have Vivid Matte liquid lipstick here). So to save you all from the confusion, do know that Maybelline has three lippie collections called "Vivid Matte", and this is one of them. 

For this release, there are 4 shades, and I own 3 of them. The only one I don't own is Rosy Orange or Vivid 4. 

Sunday, December 04, 2016

My Zen Zest Event Haul + Reviews!

Wow, I never thought I hadn't talked about all these products yet! These are the goodies I got from Zen Zest's Anniversary event earlier this year, and in the past months I was finally able to sample these products, try them out, and get a good feel of how they work. 

Saturday, December 03, 2016

My Althea A'Pieu X Rilakkuma Haul (I Paid!)

To say that I hoarded is an understatement. I went crazy when Althea launched A'Pieu's Rilakkuma collection and sold everything at reasonabele prices!!! I was so thankful I did all my hoarding in Althea because when I was in Korea, despite the collection still in sync, the A'Pieu in Myeongdong is not on the main road so it's very easy to forget it. Like by the time you get to the A'Pieu store it's already closing or near closing coz you got distracted shopping at all the other stores on the main street. These items are also delicate in nature with the eyeshadows and the facial wash tubes, so I am glad I was not tasked with having to wrap them and pack them into a suitcase. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Vampire Diaries x Saladbox Unboxing

I am considered to be among the youngest bloggers who are more or less deemed as the "regulars" in events. But this box made me realize how old I am! I know that the Vampire Diaries exists, and that's basically it. I don't know the storyline, the characters-- nada. And as such, I apologize in advance if the items in this special limited edition curated box by Saladbox do not resonate to me with respect to the story. I have no idea of the story's elements or inside jokes, so I definitely have no idea about whether these items interplay with that or not. 

But all I can talk about is how giddy I am to be receiving a mystery beauty box! It's always fun to receive a mystery beauty box. And whether or not it's a mystery, it's just always fun to receive beauty products. Saladbox is also crossing over to ecommerce so you may want to check out their wares if you're looking for great holiday deals! 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Life News: Ballet Manila's Cinderella

The country’s premier classical dance company, Ballet Manila, marks another milestone this season as it debuts another original production—Cinderella.
A production that combines theatrical comedic elements, modern live special effects, and romantic classical scores, Ballet Manila’s version of Cinderella puts a lighter comical spin on the well-loved classic, whilst keeping intact all the elements that make it so magical.
“Modern, witty, romantic, very funny, but still every bit magical. It’s Cinderella as you’ve never seen before,” shares Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. “I want to create a ballet that appeals to all audiences. I want it to be a really light and happy ballet where kids will laugh out loud and the grownups will have a great time listening to children’s laughter. I also want the romance and magic of this story to come to life and make the audience remember the power of love.”
Set to be staged on November 25, 26 and December 3 at 8:00 p.m. and November 27 and December 4 at 3:00 p.m. at the Aliw Theater, the ballet marks an important milestone for Ballet Manila, the Philippines, and the ballet world, as it sees the first major choreographic work of prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde go on stage.
“I have always focused on the technicalities behind every show we do; making sure that the ballerinas and danseurs get all the right movements, that their bodies’ angles are precise so that they don’t injure themselves, and that every move they do go with the rhythm of the music. This has always hindered me from doing much choreography. However, for this one, I really made time to make sure we put together a ballet that is world class. When I actually started creating the choreography, Osias said that I looked so on fire in rehearsals that he decided to let me run with it– giving me the opportunity to run the show.”
“It took time. But to be honest, I had such a ball choreographing this ballet. We know what we wanted from the very beginning, and that is to create a magical experience that’s light and entertaining,” Elizalde adds.
In addition to seeing the first major choreographic work of the country’s most celebrated prima ballerina, audiences should also look forward to the many magical moments that Ballet Manila has infused in its production of Cinderella. Included in these scenes to watch out for is the transformation of Cinderella, which called for Ballet Manila to tap international live special effects specialists to create. There is also the Spring Ball, which according to Lisa, will be “everything a royal ball should be”.
“I wanted to tell the story of Cinderella and make the audience laugh and love. What better way to celebrate Christmas?”
Cinderella is co-presented by the Manila Broadcasting Company, Star City, and Aliw Theater. Other sponsors include ACS Manufacturing Corporation, First United Corporation, Papa John’s Pizza, Hot Star Chicken, Oasis Paco Park Hotel, Microtel Wyndham Hotels, Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, City Garden Suites Malate, Island Rose, and Philcom. Official ride partner is Grab Philippines.  To learn more about it and other upcoming Ballet Manila shows, including ticket prices and schedules, visit or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tickets are also available through all Ticketworld outlets. Please call 8919999 or visit, for more information.
About Ballet Manila
Founded in 1995 by Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Osias Barroso, Ballet Manila is the country’s premier classical dance company. With the mission of connecting both ballet and the people, the company, which puts education at the forefront of its priorities, is well-known as the only Philippine dance company to adopt and strictly adhere to the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet style of dancing, which is well-regarded the world over as the most disciplined and technically-superior style. The company currently has 65 artists under its wing, all of whom have been trained in the Vaganova Academy style of dancing. The company boasts of a solid repertoire that consists of some of the most technically challenging and timeless ballet favorites.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lip Reviews and Swatches


Yeahp. Gah. 

This is one instance wherein I love my intel being wrong. 

Soooo as someone from UP Diliman, I get plenty of L'Oréal related gossip and insider scoop because L'Oréal is a very aggressive employer of UPD grads. I know UPD is a priority school for hiring and L'Oréal is among the most coveted employers in the world, but for some reason there really just is something about UP and L'Oréal, like a magical bond. So fast forward, I got insider scoop that Maybelline intends to bring Lip Flush Bitten Lip next year. This was back in June when they released Maybelline Lip Flush. I saw that in Thailand and Taiwan, they had this already, so I was reaaaally excited for it to come! I was soooo sad when I was told that I had to wait till next year to try this. 

I even hoarded whatever I could hoard when I went to Thailand in August. I say "whatever I could hoard" because it was doing super well in Thailand that almost all shades were sold out. I had to go back to the Watsons near our hotel several times to get a hold of more than one shade. You could see how all the other lipsticks were properly stocked but Bitten Lip was barely anywhere to be found. All one could hold onto were very well loved testers... 

So I am so happy that they made this come in right on time at Q4 (or 3 can't remember anymore) this year! This will be the perfect gift for all your friends for the novelty, for your dry lipped friends because it's a balm, and for your Koreaphile friends because gradation lips y'all. 

This is probably the most industry disrupting product I've ever seen in Asia this year aside from Evita's Rose facial wash and I have yet to see something be received with this much hype and acclaim. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lime Crime Velvetine Red Velvet Liquid Lipstick Review

I know it feels weird that it's only now I'm having a formal Lime Crime product review. This is my first Lime Crime review ever, despite blogging about my Lime Crime hauls and even including one of these in my giveaway from waaaaaaay back in 2014! BTW this is also a draft post that got stuck in the pipelines in 2014, so I thought I'd finish it off now. I don't know, for some reason when I see a product all the time in my page or blog, I sometimes forget that I haven't made a formal review about it yet. 

Anyways, so much for that. Today, I'll be giving my thoughts on Lime Crime's velvetine. This is their liquid to matte lip stain, or in my own thoughts, the high end version of NYX's soft matte lip cream. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ballet Manila Presents Cinderella (November 26, 2016)

No one speaks in ballet, but there is really this unexplainable magic to it! 

I am very thankful to have been invited to grace Ballet Manila's showing of Cinderella last weekend. They still have more shows this weekend so hurry and get your tickets!!!

Overall, the production quality was soooo high on this show. They really put in a lot of effort to make the technical elements of a Cinderella show come alive. It's not just ballet. It's an all encompassing spectacle. There's the glass shoe, the crystal carriage, and the dress that gets torn by the stepsisters. 

Plenty of dancers had lights on their costumes, and it's not easy to put lights on costumes, especially for the purpose of ballet that they're jumping and spinning the whole time. I honestly super comend the costume department for creating all these props and add ons that are able to withstand the ballet dancers' movements. Even madam Lisa is interesting with how she can keep a wig on whilst twirling and jumping, as she took on the role of Fairy Godmother. 

  The most amusing for any audience member, perhaps, is how they made Cinderella change from common clothes to Cinderella clothes onstage and how the animals turned into handsome tailors and carriage drivers to bring Cinderella to the ball. 

There is really a need to see it for one's self. There is a special magic that comes alive when the music, the dance, and all the other things like the lighting, costumes, and props come together. This is far from the boring and stiff kind of ballet some people might have in mind. I honestly could not believe that two hours had already immediately passed by!  

I am sure all of you already know Cinderella so this post is really more about the photos to hopefully inspire you to go this weekend. There is an 8PM performance on December 3 and a 3PM performance on December 4. 
<3 Enjoy!