So here is Mari back from the caves! The last time I got a Sample Room package was quite awhile back, so it's so nice to get a package again. I understand the Sample Room addicts because you really just get so giddy and ecstatic whenever you wait for your package to arrive! 

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I think as a blogger, if you've been doing it for quite some time, you already have your own schedule. You have your own obligations to fulfill, blogging plans, content concepts and everything, that it's easy to get so engrossed in it. What I have always liked about Sample Room is that whether I am ordering from them or not, simply being a part of their newsletter already makes me aware of the newest products that are being launched and those products that end up winning the hearts of many. You are always abreast with what is going on with the beauty world even if you're doing your own thing. 

 To my blogger friends, the concept of Sample Room is already an institution and is well understood. But for my non blogging friends, they always ask me if it's a subscription box service or an online store. It's not. It's a concept of its own, and it literally is an online "sample room." You sign up to get points, and you can use these virtual points to get samples (which are given arbitrary prices and the currency is in Sample Room points). You need to pay a Php100 shipping (for Manila) everytime, and can have a maximum of three samples per transaction. The points required to get a sample are always less than the real life prices of the products, so by the time you more or less spend your 100 points you already are getting Php150-200 worth of products, and are only paying Php100 technically for them (for shipping).  it's a great way to try new products without spending so much, hence the"Try before you buy" tagline.

For this haul, I was just smitten by the concept of Olay's new beauty bar, so I decided to go for it. I just love anything with rose so much that the promise of a beauty bar with rose and milk got to me. The last time I went for Sample Room I also got Olay, but that was the Moisture Outlast body wash.

So yes, this is the eponymous Sample Room bag. It really has become an institution of its own.

So these are the items that I got!

This time I got myself a Belo Baby cologne in happy tickle. This cologne is almost at perfume levels already, so at Php80, this is worth it. It's got a floral powdery scent, and after I used it, I still smelled like a baby even after like three or four hours.

And this is the Olay Skin Whitening Bar in rose and milk!

The other thing I got is the Skin Whitening Bar in Vitamin C. 

And for this last one, this actually wasn't from Sample Room since there is a three sample limit. I already bought this from a store because I was able to read up on good reviews about it on Sample Room. 

Seeing people give this five points for every single division made me guess that this really must be a good product... 

So overall, I got two bars worth Php46 and a cologne worth Php79.75, which is Php171.75 overall, for only the Php100 shipping fee. It's like getting the cologne for free! Now that's sweet. 

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