This is my first ever chili red lippie, so I thought it deserves an entry! Say hello to Pure Fire, Li Bing Bing's red lipstick in conjunction with L'Oréal.  

So this is how it looks like when sealed. So yes, if yours doesn't come with a shrink wrapping like this, please do not accept for the seal is broken.

Here are the ingredients of this product. 

So this is how its bottom looks like. There's the shade, and I think that in other territories they simply refer to this as collection star Li Bing Bing. So if you're trying to tell your friend in the US that this lipstick is the best, you will understand each other better if you say Li Bing Bing I think. 

The packaging of this product line overall is very, very luxurious. It really adds to the equity of any vanity kit. I currenly own 11 Color Riche lippies so I think I can say I am 11 ways more fancy now hahha.

So this is how the color looks like. It's a chilli red. So it's not a neutral red, and definitely it's not a bluish red. I would call it an orangey red, but I think that might give too much of a red orange tangerine color for a mental image, which is why I stick to saying chilli red.

So this is how it looks like when lightly swatched. The formulation of this whooole collection is that it's soooo vibrant yet so buildable. So you can go from as thin as using these for tints, and you can go as wild as packing this on sooo heavily that it looks like a liquid lipstick already.

So this is how it looks like on the lips. 

And yaaay, this is me with it on! I don't really buy chilli reds on my own (because I feel like it won't suit me), but this one turned out to not be so bad after all. Like I still will need the courage to step out of my pinks world to rock this out of the house, but when I need an added spice to my look, this turns out to be okay.

This collection of L'Oréal has always been consistent in having great quality throughout the years, but if you need the different properties broken down, here goes: 

Color Payoff- This collection ALWAYS has the best color payoff. Lipsticks are always as vivid on me as how vivid they are on the tube, and the color is more or less accurate relative to the tube. I've also enjoyed how vivid the colors are that most, if not all, of my lipsticks from this collection leave very good stains and tints. 

Texture- These lipsticks have a silky texture, and presumably have a powdered formula in order to make them matte and silky. So like when you use these, they're not as slippery as using lip balm, but they do not resemble the formulae of liquid lipsticks or matte creams as they are much more emollient and spreadable. These later generation ones are less wispy than the old L'Oréal lipsticks, but the structure in the formula is perhaps what helps to make it buildable. You can pat this on and the color will be able to stick on and look like a tint. You can add more, apply it more liberally, or go back and forth several times in order to get a much more opaque look. 

Comfort- These lipsticks are less wispy and less spreadable (spread as in how slippery it is when you smack your lips, not to be confused with blendability) than the old generation ones, so they feel less like lip balms now. However, compared to matte lipsticks of other brands, or the high vivacity color formulae of other brands, this is more spreadable and more comfortable. One key feature of this is that it does not weigh the lips down by having an opaque formula, so it doesn't feel heavy on the lips, which helps to make things more comfy. 

Longevity- As a lipstick, you'd need to reapply this every few hours or so depending on how much oily food you are eating. If you want to keep up the opacity, you need to be committed to doing retouches ever so often. But if you want to just have a little color on the lips the whole day, you can slather this on and leave it be because the tint it leaves can stay on the whole day. In a typical jam packed day, I'd more or less reach out for vivid shades of this collection like 3-5 times, and for the less vivid shades, like every hour or so (there are near nude shades from this collection so those types really need to be reapplied or else my natural lip pinkness will override the lightness of the shade) 

Color Riche lippies are 400 a pop in L'Oréal counters nationwide. There are also many sales and promotions so do watch out for them! 

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