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Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Recent Chuu Korea Haul

Someone obviously is a fan! I ordered from Chuu a few months back, but given how busy I am, I call it recent wahaha. For today, I thought I'd share about the items I got. Chuu is a Korean female lifestyle brand, with clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, and lingerie. It is just starting its foreign expansion, but in Korea, it's really big. I learned about this brand when I went to Charis' Beautiful Journey in Seoul last year. It's famous for its BB Cushion, nice lingerie, and its slimming jeans. We went to the flagship store in HongDae, and it was there that I received my first pair of Chuu -5Kg jeans. Chuu is very famous for their -5Kg jeans, which as the name implies, creates an illusion of losing 5Kg. You can find it on Japanese Buzzfeed actually!

I honestly just thought it was marketing because I have a reaaally big butt and thunder thighs, and it really just looks hard to look good in anything. I didn't even think I'd fit into the jeans they gave us. Since we had no time to fit, we were assisted by the sales staff, and handed the jeans in the size they thought could best fit us. Since Koreans are so thin, I thought they wouldn't fit. I remember only being able to try these on in the hotel that night, and being in awe that they fit and that they looked good on me! Instantly, you look slimmer even without trying! There is just something about the way the jeans are constructed that it creates an illusion of being slimmer. I thought it was just me, until I started getting compliments on losing weight even when I didn't lose weight, thanks to these jeans. Hence this haul.

This time, my focus was to get several -5Kg jeans. I recently found myself having barely anything to wear for everyday, because I only had a few pairs of jeans that were stylish, comfortable, and able to withstand my extreme bloating. I can go up and down 2 dress sizes just because of period-related bloating, so it's not a great place to be in when it comes to buying jeans. I really need jeans in elastic fabrics, and also in excellent fabrics that do not loosen too much despite the wear and tear. The first pair of -5Kg jeans I own displayed all those qualities, which is why I thought of buying more for myself.

I ordered these via and thankfully, they didn't get stuck at customs despite being sent through EMS. I love them so much because not only do I look slimmer, but they're comfortable, and a lot of them come in very elastic fabrics. Not all -5Kg jeans come in elastic fabrics, so to clarify, I chose those that were indicated as "very elastic" on the website. Every page for jeans in the site contains this chart.

Okay, so I got these Vol. 14 jeans! There is no logical explanation from one volume to the next as to what improvements were made, rather, these jeans are made in different styles, and they just assigned numbers for them as they were released for sale. This one is in Sky Blue. They're not the softest and not the stretchiest, but for those who are looking for something more corporate, this is a good choice as this comes with a slim zipper, akin to those in gowns or dresses. Not the giant zippers we see in most jeans.
Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 14
Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 14

I also wanted a pair of jeans that were more high end, had a more basic design, and came in a more trendy light blue color. For some reason, lighter colors are in these days, and darker colors tend to look less polished. So I got a pair of Vol. 12 jeans, which are more expensive than vol.14. The prices differ as some are Pink Label, or some are made of better fabric like this one.
Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 12

Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 12

I just also wanted to get reddish jeans, hence this color! Now that I have it, I love the special feature of this! This is their winter jean, and it feels a little bit woolly to the touch. It also warms up on its own. This is perfect for those who want to stay warm but don't want to later too much. This is their Vol. 52 Jeans in Deep Pink. To me it looks like light burgundy rather than pink.
Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 52

Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 52

For the first time in my whole life, I decided to get white jeans! I have always been wary of white jeans because I know they make people look fat. I was only confident enough to get this because this is from the -5Kg series. True enough, I don't look like a whale in these white jeans. 
Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 60

Chuu -5Kg Jeans Vol. 60
I also got this denim skirt, which unfortunately, barely fits. It's the right measurements, like I can stuff myself into it. But it's not stretchy at all, unlike the information which said it was super elastic. It would be too much of a headache to send this back for returns, so it's just literally sitting in my closet.
Don't You Worry Denim Skirt

Aaaand I also got some makeup! I really love that they have these special pouches to put the makeup in so the items are safe.
Beige Chuu Packaging

I got myself a lipstick in Papaver Peach. I really love the colors of Beige Chuu, and this one really just caught my attention because of the lovely peach. I usually don't find a lot of pretty peach shades because they're often too orange for my liking. This one is just right.
Beige Chuu 105 Papaver Peach

I also couldn't resist and I got myself a glittery peach eyeshadow as well! This is Sophysty peach. Their eyeshadows are reaaaally packed with glitter and really add sparkle to any look (literally and figuratively), although I have yet to see how their mattes perform.
Beige Chuu 214 Sophysty Peach

So yaaaay, that's it for this haul! I am just suuuper busy right now, but I really want to get back to you guys with actual photos wearing these jeans! One by one, we'll get there, too! 

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