Hooray for finals! I'm just glad that yesterday was finally finals day at makeup school! It's super tiring though....I was standing up from 10 AM to 6PM, and only sat down during very small intervals and during my 30 minute lunch break. The rest of the time I was standing up. By the time I got home I was already too lazy to walk. The tiring thing about makeup isn't actually applying the makeup but the fact that long hours of standing up is required. It's unprofessional as what they teach...

I am just super thankful about my model. My model for the day was ate Uch, the daughter of my former classical voice teacher and one of our good family friends. She happens to be our neighbor as well.

  Anyways, Im'ma show more photos after the jump.
This is my first look of the day, a bridal look. The peg was a natural look, a glowing look. So I made a naturally brown theme for the eyeshadow, and I made a simple bun on her hair using a hair doughnut tool. I then put in hair accessories that I made and then borrowed my classmate's veil for his.

And oh gosh, before I even get all feminine with talking about this look lemme express my stress in looking for a model. 

Two weeks before the finals I was looking for a model already. There was my friend Alliah who gladly obliged to the job, and I was thinking that she was a good model as she had large eyes and has mestiza features, till my teacher disapproved of her because of her lack of cheekbones. According to my teacher she will not look mature enough in the photos and will look chubby even if she is thin, because of the lack of facial definition. So I had to nicely say no to her. 

And then there's Tiffany. She's nice and I think she's available, but her eyes are super small and chinky. I would love to work with her, but not for the finals as I was afraid to take risks. I have eyelid creases and so do 90% of all the models I've done on so it wasn't a safe move to get a monolid for an event such as the finals. 

And then there's my PE teacher, Ma'am Tal. She has nice features-- a prominent cheektone, large eyes, and a good nose, but then there's her schedule and our need to look for a mestiza model. I like her morena color tones, but then in the Philippine setting people do not care about how beautiful your model is on your ads, all they care is if the model in the flyer is a mestiza or not. So even that didn't work out. 

I then asked about my other friend, Jen, who is an avid Katy Perry fan. I was doing a Katy Perry look for the finals and thought that aside from her beauty and her features that look good in photos, I thought it would be nice to share such a moment with a fellow Katy Perry fan. BUT THEN she also couldn't make it as she was busy with work.. She had previous plans of resigning but hadn't done it yet so she couldn't commit. 

I was so stressed because everyone kept on saying no. We also had other people volunteer, but either they were only available for a few hours or their appearance did not pass my teacher's standards. There were also people whom I knew were pretty and available, but were just too selfish to share their time with me. Like they were too pretty for the job. 

It was only later on when I thought that maybe I could ask ate Uch for models. Being related to the showbiz industry I thought that she might know someone, and given her looks, she was also a really great candidate. Well her mom was an opera singer and her aunt was a former Miss International representative of the Philippines. Need I say more? 

It was Friday (before the Monday finals) when she had agreed to me. I wasn't able to do trial on her which also kept me nervous. I was really fixated on making a trial look because my Katy Perry look is really hard to pull off.. On YouTube videos it looks like it takes 5 minutes, but in real life it takes 1-2 hours to do it. All I could do was have faith that things will go smoothly and be assured that my pretty model will make my makeup look good. 

And I can't describe how thankful I am that she came to be my model. She is an extremely busy person and works all days, all year round. She just rescheduled everything on the day of the finals to help me. But then even if she were to not tell me that I would have still known how busy she was. 

In the span of time we were together, she probably handled over 10 calls, made 2 e-mails, and all of those were work related. I was putting eyeliner on her while she was on the phone! I was just glad that she can answer client inquiries calmly and politely while having her makeup done and not move too much for smudges to occur. Siya na! 

And this is her evening look. I used lots of Shu Uemura's dark blue eyeshadow to make a color gradient. 

I just regret that not being able to do trial on her meant me not being able to prepare and buy special orange concealer for her under eye circles. Concealers don't work on everyone, and putting a beige colored concealer on a really dark under eye area will just lead to caking instead of legit coverage. Being unprepared all I could do was restroke and re stroke the concealer and work faster so that she can already have her photos taken before the concealer starts to cake. 

And this is the final look. This was inspired by Katy Perry's fawn look. Our teacher wanted our class' theme to be cat's eye with crystals so I immediately thought of doing this look for the finals. She also thought that it was a great idea.

 I wanted to do the spots on the cheeks (to be accurate) but my teacher didn't want it anymore as it would no longer be a beauty look and would become too theatrical. I on the other hand was too tired to do the spots on the cheeks so I also benefited from her instruction. Hahahaha. 

And up close you can see the crystals that I put in. Mom and my bro were complaining that the spots were too big, but I thought I was just doing the right thing as I was copying the look based on how each spot was positioned in Katy's forehead. Her forehead was a bit taller and wider so some pieces had to be bigger than the others. And hence this is the result. 

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