One of my ever trusty run-to beauty items is my Etude House Apricot Stick. I love everything about it: it keeps my lips smooth, provides a good pinkish tint to my lips, and it's affordable!

This one that I own is in shade number 4.

What I like about it the most, is that it can instantly make me look refreshed and less haggard. It may be just a simple lip color, but even if I don't put in other makeup, I instantly look more refreshed.

I've always noticed that Miranda Kerr rarely steps out withour red lipstick. And sometimes she already skips putting makeup on her eyes and just has lipstick.

Lip color can really do a lot to make someone look fresh.

And I use this stick too much to the point that it already has cracks on the cover...

And as I write this I am already on the bottom that I already have to use my fingernails to get the product out. I use this product too often that it's already finished. 

Wanna be sweet? Play Etude <3 

And off to the more serious stuff! 

Product Name:
Etude House Apricot Stick

Product Description:
Vitamin, apple and lemon extract additives promote lip softness and resiliency with a variety of mouth watering shades. 


Product Specification:
Type: Colored Lip Balm/ Lip Stain 
Scent: As the name implies, smells like apricots, or a sweet fruit in general...
Net Weight: 2.5 grams
Number of Variants: Comes in 5 shades
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: Korea
Available at: All Etude House outlets
Price: Php 198

-comes in 5 shades, and in colors that suit most skin tones
-smells really nice

-not necessarily able to get rid of chapped lips
-my lips don't really absorb the product, but rather it looks caked on at times