When you break your false eyelashes by accident or if they fall apart for some reason, you have three options:

1.) Cry while throwing them away.
2.) Use the eyelash hairs and attach them individually on your natural lashes.
3.) Try to repair them like what I'm about to show you.

So these are my false eyelashes. They're Shu Uemura corner lashes. I fixed these actually because these were the only corner eyelashes I had!

Here's the damage: The left lash lost chunks of hairs from it. I would estimate that 10% of the hairs fell off but these happened to be the longest and most prominent hairs in the lash that the damage is so obvious.

Up close you can see two lines with a gap on the false eyelash. This is the strip that keeps everything in place and our goal is to use the strip to anchor back the fallen chunk of hair. 

Now I am going to simply take my spirit gum and I'm going to apply a small amount to the area missing  the hairs. Spirit gum is a super useful item and is not just for this purpose-- it can also be used to cover the eyebrows temporarily for crazier looks like this one

Some people also use this item for attaching false eyelashes because it is 0% likely to fall off by accident afterwards. But because one of its ingredients is alcohol (or that it's alcohol based), the fumes of this sting the eyes of some even when closed-- I don't want to take the risk of stinging my eyes or a client's eyes so I don't use this for attaching falsies. 

Moreover, I have seen models complaining on modelmayhem.com that they have had awful reactions to the chemicals or suffered minor scrapes in an effort to remove the glue afterwards. If they're already models (and typically used to having all sorts of makeup applied everyday), and still the spirit gum is such a bother to them, then maybe it really just isn't such a good idea for the lashes... 

I wasn't able to put a photo of it, but the next step was to merely put the chunk of hair back in after the glue has become tacky and to adjust it to the right position and wait for it to dry. 

This is how it looks with the chunk of hair glued back on... 

And ta-da! Okay I won't lie, the right eyelash looks thicker than the left (right eyelash means the lash I put on my right eye or the one on the left side of this photo), but at least the left looks similar enough that when it's worn it doesn't seem extremely thinner! And it's a lot better than what it was before! 

As for the spirit gum, as long as you don't expose the repaired lash to baby oil nor alcohol, it should be fine for plenty more uses! And don't worry, when it's already dried fully, it will not be tacky on your eyes nor tear-jerking as the alcohol content has already evaporated by then... 

I highly recommend this for your expensive lashes. Don't throw them away! There's still hope! 

What did you think of this tutorial? Please do tell me in the comments box! 

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