When I ordered this lipstick, I don't remember if it was Rihanna that inspired me to get this or that I just needed a berry colored lipstick in my collection...

In general my lippie collection is composed of MLBB shades and pinks, with some occassional reds, and a color like this is quite rare. Aside from me not seeing the use of colors like these in many gigs in the future, I also do think that this is the kind of color that can be achieved by mixing red lipstick with black eyeshadow, or simply buying a lip tar set and doing similar things. 
However, I got this lipstick because it was so affordable at Php100 that I thought to myself that there's nothing to lose with getting this and that it can save me time compared to if I were to mix by myself.

I know it looks like reddish raisins but this shade is called Very Berry.

 It's a blackened red in general, but just lightly blackened. It's a dark maroon shade with some hints of yellow too.
 On the tube, it kinda looks like reddish mud...

This is the arm swatch. I think this shows clearly how dark this color is given how much it contrasts with my arm. In general, this is a very smudgey formula because it's really hard to get it to swatch cleanly on my arm. It's also such a dark shade that merely using my fingers or tissue to wipe off the excess just leads it to smudge and leave a stain instead of cleanly getting off. 

On the lips this is how it looks like. This shade too is also prone to feathering, but the formula is really comfortable and feels really nourishing. However, the feathering also means that this is the kind of lippie that really cannot go on without a liner and is likely to stain the teeth... You'd have to keep your guard up with a shade like this too given how striking it is. You'd also have to reapply quite often if you want to maintain the strength of the color...

The good thing about the color though is that it gives an illusion of whiter teeth.

 And in general it makes the whole face look sophisticated.

NYX Round Lipstick Very Berry Review

NYX Round Lipstick Very Berry
2020 Update:
I just wanna add these new swatches! Enjoy! 

Overall, this is definitely far from my best lippies, however, for the price, it's really a good buy already. And for a shade I won't need often (or rather it's a shade I'll barely ever need), just having this is already enough for the average girl's kit. I got this from NYX Wholesale PH for Php100, before the price hike. In terms of value for money, since I just plan to use this for photoshoots and short time engagements, I don't mind the formula and think that the color is really cute. 

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