I know this place has been flooded with too many lippie reviews as of late that it's time for a base makeup review! This review is on Skin 79's Super+ Beblesh Balm. It's technically a BB Cream or a Blemish Balm cream, the company just seems to want to avoid a lawsuit that they just called the product as beblesh balm (whatever beblesh means!).

I first encountered this product about four or five years ago, when BB cream was still unheard of in the Philippines. My big bottle is from China, which I got back then for 100RMB. I didn't really know much about makeup back then and I still was not a blogger so I just felt that this was a so-so thing in my so-so kit. Thankfully, today, I can now give more insights into how I feel about this product.

First is that it's noticeable as to how dewy your skin becomes with this product. Even back then, I already felt that this product made the skin look refreshed and young.

However, this also kind of means that it's not very efficient against oil. You'd need to powder up all the time, and if you want the powder to stay on whole day, the weather needs to be fairly good. When in Hong Kong, I can go through the day with this BB cream with no powder up or blotting paper, but in the Philippines, it's virtually impossible. I'd need to reapply powder every two hours or so. 
And these is the lengthy list of ingredients... 

This new one I have, I got this from Taiwan in a 7/11 store last December 2013. Since I still had quite a number of half consumed tubes back in the Philippines, I opted to get this small tube just so I could remember how it was because my old bottle got finished way back in late 2011. 

This is a matte color BB cream, not to be confused with Skin 79's Pearl BB cream that has shimmer in it. For the longest time I was asking my mom as to why she had so much eyeshadow fallout and started to get puzzled because most of her eyeshadows are either metallic or matte and are not shimmery. It was then I realized that the BB cream was the culprit, which is why I feel that it's worth mentioning that this has no shimmer in it. 

 The problem about this product though is that it comes in this super light shade with a very grey undertone. Since I'm personally with a cooler skintone, this somehow suits me, but people with very yellowish skin or very very warm skintones may meet problems with this. In general, BB creams like this one oxidize to match the skintone of the wearer, but there are tons of other yellowish toned BB creams out there that you need not live with this in the case it doesn't match.
 Up close, it's very streaky once just slightly blended.
 And when blended more, up close it still has a little streak to it. This is a product I recommend with finger application because a brush might make the result streaky. Sponges can help, but I honestly feel bad for all the product wastage that will occur once the sponge absorbs everything. As for a wet sponge application, I feel that the formula may not work as it's too thick that it may just look more streaky over brush application.

I like its brightening effect, the relatively good coverage, and the really dewy finish. This has everything I want in a BB cream except for oil control, which is why I cannot fully deem it as a Holy Grail product here on the blog. 

 And this is me before and after application, you can see how well it goes with correcting redness, concealing dark circles and unwanted marks on the skin, and improving the skintone overall. This will work for people with no blemishes to medium severity blemishes, but those with really really heavy eyebags and blemishes may need concealer for additional coverage.

This will suit people with dry to normal skin, but for me with very very oily skin, it only looks good in photos when freshly applied but will tend to look more greasy at the end of the day.

I have seen online stores retail with this product for Php700-1000 per tube, but can't really recommend any store right now. Let's just hope that there'd be more stores selling this soon!

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