This is one of those products that make me sad! It looks so cute and all, and comes with a puff with a bow (my ultimate weakness), but it doesn't show up on my cheeks! Not even the slightest bit! Kevin why do you frustrate me like this huhuhu. 

Anyways, this is Beautymaker by Kevin's Love Pu Pu Cheek Blush in a shade I can't understand how to read. It's a peachy shade though. 

These are photos of the box. 

And this is the list of ingredients. The promise is that it's supposed to give a nice glow and will enhance the face with a sheer veil of color. 

Up close this is how the blush in the pan looks like. 

And this is the depressing part. In my arm swatch, it looked pigmented and all, and seemed to give a nice glow as it contained an opaque section and a shimmery section. 

To illustrate what I meant with applying with all my might, I had already used my fingernails to carve blush off the pan and apply the large chunks on my face. As in I was rubbing and carving my hardest, and I had been using the maximum pressure I could exert on my cheek area in hopes that the pigments will stick. 

This is the kind of product only girls with very very very light skin or very very very dark skin will be able to use. The usual Asian with yellowish/pinkish skin, or the kayumanggi Filipino will probably see nothing like me, or will see a really subtle color after a lot of effort. I'm just so sad that it looked so nice on my arm yet disappeared on my face. 

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