Happy December everyone! December will be starting tomorrow so to kind of kick things off I'm now going to start my reviews for OCC's Lip Tars. This, and three other more shades I'll be reviewing, are from their All Star Mini kit. This review will be specific to the shade alone, and I'll be coming up with a more general review for lip tars in a summary post. 

This shade is Memento, and honestly this is the shade that got me to buy the kit. I was googling around for MLBB (my lips but better) lip tars, but the photos were not accurate enough, and there wasn't really a consensus on which lip tars were the best MLBB shades, so I went with this one first. I thought that should this not work out, there's three other useful shades in the kit that I could toy with. 

Thankfully, though it is not the 'best' MLBB lippie (if you're going to use the definition very strictly), it is actually really natural looking and flattering on the lips on its own way. 

For those concerned of ingredients, here you go. The nice thing in general is that they have peppermint oil in them in an effort to put a preservative that was of natural origins. On the lips, it's also got this cooling effect, and it smells sweet.

The color itself is not very easy to describe. Honestly, the best description I could give is that it looks like raw meat. It's very far from their coral shades, and when you look at it, it's obviously not purely pink or red either. It's like a slightly reddened pink with touches of brown. 

Or maybe I could also desrcibe this as a brownish salmon color. In general, it's difficult to describe this without putting meat or raw fish into the conversation. 

The pet peeve of this product and all the other lip tars is that they have a tendency to go to the teeth. They're pigmented and long lasting, but when you over apply a little this is what happens. When I have clients whom I know will be going through a long day, I still use this on them, and I over-apply a bit, but what I just do is I inform them to watch their teeth. 

But that aside, it's actually one of those lippies that are obviously warm but are able to make the teeth look whiter. 

And here's a closed mouth lip swatch. 

Same pose of the lips, but with the fish eye lens. This product tends to highlight dry patches on the lips, as further emphasized in this photo, so I always use lip balm before using this. 

Funnily, I've used this a lot of times on people and the reactions are the same. Before I put this on them, judging from the tube's color, they feel scared because it really looks like meat. But the moment it's on them, they love the color. It looks super flattering. Tons of people have asked me about this product and this shade. I think I can safely say that 90% of the people I've used this on loved this product, myself included. 

I also love that it's generally flattering on a lot of skintones. I have used this on light skinned people, and on darker skintones, and in general it pops up and livens up the whole look. Sometimes, this looks like nude when put on someone really dark skinned, which is why I add another pink if I want the lips to look pink and not nude. 

I got this from a 4 piece kit for Php1500. This is mini size and is 2.5 mL versus the real sized ones that are 10mL each, so please do not be shocked if the large tubes are sold at Php800 a tube in most stores. 

You can get mini ones from Pro Tools Cebu (on IG) at Php500 a pop, I think. And you can also get this from nyxwholesaleph.com at full size at about Php780, if you're willing to wait more than a month or more (they have this habit to just inform you that an item is out of stock once your order has arrived or is arriving in less than 3 days time). In real life, you can also get this at Purebeauty for Php800-900, but they do not have as much shades as the online stores. 

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