It's easy to get glowing with Jergens lotions. But it's even easier to get carried away with all the fun activities they have in store for the participants of this year's upcoming Jergens fair! 

This September 5, Jergens is treating its patrons to typography classes, free juice, skin expert consultations, nutrition classes and so much more! Head on to Gateway Mall's Activity Center to join in on the fun!

 I was actually taken by surprise by this package they sent. I received a package from them not so long ago, which I previously blogged about, too. When they sent the invites for this event, I thought that it'd just be through email and that's it, as what is customary. 

That's why when an LBC messenger knocked on our door, I had no idea what they were in our house for because I wasn't expecting any package at all.

So this is the seeding kit they sent me. Whoever did this bow deserves a raise because ribbons are not easy to do. Trust me.

 When I took the ribbon off, this message greets me.

And when I open the box, more bottles of Jergens greet me! I was just gushing about how nice their lotions are, and before I even knew it, they gave me more lotion! Thanks for the accumulated 1 year's supply of lotion, Jergens! 

The most important part, of course, is the invite! Here are the event details! 

Don't forget to keep on checking on their Facebook page for more details! 

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