I'm guessing that the guys behind the Marriott Grand Ballroom probably met over dinner and just thought of having an events place as big as SMX but with the fanciness of the hotel, and of course, the brand equity and extremely good service the Marriott group is known for worldwide. Because that's exactly how I would describe the ballroom. 

It's not inside the hotel. It's a standalone building across the hotel and only functions as an events place. This is why it can afford to be this big. 

Even I first thought that the Grand Ballroom was synonymous to the events place inside Marriott hotel, until I actually got to the place and realized that that is not the case. 

So, last July 6, to start off with a very, very loud proclamation that they're the newest best events place in town, they got the five most prestigious designers in the Philippines for an evening of bridal perfection.

When I got to the entrance, I begin to figure out how big the place is. This shot captures just 1/15 of the lobby.

I got there a bit late already as I came from the office, so this is why the front row seats are jam packed already.

This is the whole ballroom proper. You just really have to be there to see how big it really is because I know it looks to grand here, but still looks even grander in real life...
And the fashion show begins. The first designer is Randy Ortiz. 

It's nice to have seen Hyewon Jang and Chelsea Robato in lovely Randy Ortiz bridal gowns. I love the details on his outputs. 

His muse for the night is Rissa Mananquil-Trillo who is so unfair because this is most definitely not the body of someone who has had three kids. 

 The lovely Resorts World dancers entertained the crowd with their soulful performance while the next designer was getting ready. 

The second designer is no other than the great Rhett Eala. It's amusing how you can immediately tell that those creations are his because of how structured his creations are. Like you know it's him when it's satin, when it's all about geometry and draping, and not much to do with lace and beading.  

The best part is his muse, Catriona Gray!!! I have loved Catriona for the longest time and seeing her in real life is really a priceless experience for me.
Catriona Gray

And can I just say how much she should pursue this modeling thing I mean she looks good in every single angle she is shot in. 
Catriona Gray at Marry Me At Marriott
Catriona Gray

Third to show his creations is Jun Escario. It's my first time to see his creations even if I hear his name often, and I'm again amused at how Western his dresses (and models hee hee hee) are.

In an archipelago dominated by Veluz gowns (I am laughing as I write this because I know that even just by reading this sentence you are already thinking of a woman in a corset dress and a mesh cover up with 10000000 beads and a puffy skirt to go with it, now that's a signature dress), this is what I'd call rare. I haven't seen a lot of weddings here in the Philippines wherein the bride's dress isn't heavily beaded.

This collection is so refreshing to me because of all the draping, plus the use of a lot of nice rosy tones in the color scheme. I really see myself walking down the aisle in something like these.

After Jun's show, pro ballet dancers entertain the audience.

I now admire the people who are able to capture ballerinas while dancing because I realize how hard it is to catch their jumps perfectly while they're in motion.

It's now time for Rajo Laurel's show. Hi there Kylie Verzosa!!

The amusing part for his show, or perhaps for the whole evening for most audience members, is Alex Gonzaga walking down the runway in one of Rajo's creations.

After everyone being shocked by Alex's appearance, Frederick Peralta displays his collection next. 

After his show, all the models come back onto the runway, and the designers also appear quickly to take a bow and receive flowers from audience members.

Here's Randy Ortiz and Rissa Mananquil.

Rhett Eala with Catriona Gray
Catriona Gray and Rhett Eala

Jun Escario and Angel Jacob.

Rhett Eala with Jessica Kienle and Alex Gonzaga.

Frederick Peralta and Rima Ostwani.

And of course, the after-show empty auditorium photo.

I am definitely looking forward to get invited to people's weddings held here at the Marriott. The bridal fashion show was a thoughtful way to showcase the venue and set it apart from World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center. 

And it just made everybody in the show excited to attend a wedding, or get married, themselves, at the Marriott.

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