Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation Review
 Yeahp, it's true. It's a dream come true. I honestly thought that Dream Velvet was just a name, but when I used the product, I realized that it is indeed a dream come true. It's a fluffy, dreamy foundation. But more than that, I think this will make a lot of people's skin goals come true. I usually do very detailed product shots, but I felt compelled to talk about this because this really is something that I have a condensed blog post for today. 

This collection has five shades, each tube having 30mL of product. Maybelline describes this as their first ever gel whipped foundation. It promises a smooth perfect complexion with a soft matte finish, just like velvet. It also promises that skin feels fresh with lasting hydration.

CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 / IRON OXIDES

For the US release they had like 10 shades I think? Like they have something from number 10 to 95, with 10 being the lightest and 95 being the darkest. In the Philippines, they mostly took the middle ground shades in order to correspond better to most Asian skintones. I will be the one to say that the shade selection is very good for a lot of Pinay skintones. They have five shades for the Philippine release. At a glance, here are swatches of all five of them side to side. I will be explaining each shade in detail as I go.

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation Swatches

The first shade is 40-Nude. This is the lightest shade for the Philippine release, and I would describe this as a mostly neutral shade had it not been for the extremely minute pink touches. This will mostly cater to light and fair skintones. 

This is my shade in this collection, although I felt that I was still a bit too pale for this shade. I may need to get 15 or 10 from the US release to really get my shade. 
Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (40-Nude)

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (60-Sandy Beige)
This is 60, or Sandy Beige. I like this shade just because my cat's name is Sandy and the cat is the queen in our house hahaha. Moving forward, though, this is just a slight deviation from 40 in terms of hue, but this has a very dominant yellow undertone to it. I think that this will end up selling the most because I think plenty of Pinays fall under this skin profile. 

70 is Pure Beige, or what I would describe as a reddish deviation from 40. This has a very strong salmon pink undertone to it, I think this can already pass as hamitic in tone. This will work well for those who have very prominent reddish brown undertones to their skin. This might actually also pass as under eye corrector for very very pale people.
Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (70-Pure Beige)

It is actually darker than 40, but it looks OK on me because my pinkish undertones match the reddish undertones in this product. I just know this isn't my shade because when looking closely at my neck, the hues do not match anymore.

75 is Natural Beige. I would describe this as about 2-3 tones darker than 40, with a mostly neutral undertone as well. I am still contemplating whether this has grayish undertones to it hence the shade, but I am still just thinking of it. It's not very easy to see the grayness at this hue as the grayness normally looks more apparent in lighter shades.
Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (75-Natural Beige)

This is 90, or Honey Beige. This is the darkest shade in the collection. I would describe this as a big skip from 75, perhaps 5-6 tones darker. This, as far as I know, is the second to the darkest even in the US release, despite being 3-4 tones lighter. I would describe this as a rich cocoa color, with generally neutral undertones. I feel that it's generally neutral though a part of me thinks that it can't have this hue without injecting pinkish undertones to the mix.
Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (90-Honey Beige)

I think that this shade will be a good addition to the market for those with deeper skintones and for our expats who are looking for shades like these from legit brands just like in their home countries. This can pass as cream contour for me, and I think this is a good balancer for those who may already have found the perfect undertone for their skintone among the lighter shades but need the hue to be a few steps deeper.

And so for this product, here are my thoughts: 
Shade Selection: I think that at face value, this release may be too few with just five shades. But looking into other factors like coverage and ease of shade selection, to be fair, this is okay. This has a buildable coverage, so I think most of the shades can be toyed around with by a vast myriad of skintones. Like you can apply a thin coat and it won't make you look like a ghost, so you can get away with it even if the shade is a tad bit too light. I also kinda think that foundations with too many shades can be quite daunting for consumers at times even if it's supposedly to help them find a match better, because there's like a bigger pool of shades and more reasons to get confused. I like how 40, 75, and 90 are your neutral shades of varying hues, with 60 and 70 being the undertone mixers. If one is willing to buy more than one, there are a lot of shade possibilities with this collection. 

Texture: Now this is the most unique and exciting aspect of this collection. This has a very light and fluffy aerated mousse texture, aka their first gel whipped foundation. Application wise, your motion will be highly shifted from dragging the product into massaging the product. It's not a thin, oil based emulsion, so you do not need to drag the product to get it spread. This also feels a lot different because it doesn't leave a warm sensation or oily or heavy feeling whatsoever. Your face will feel moist, akin to freshly wiping a freshly washed face, up until the product dries. On the skin, though, it's like applying a pore eraser. Skin feels velvety soft and tempting to stroke. Texture refinement is surprisingly good, with the usual blemishes that appear on my pores upon makeup application not making their usual appearance. 

Comfort: This may feel ticklish for some people using this for the first time as the texture is very unique, and some may need time to get used to the moisture. But other than that, I felt that the formula was lightweight and doesn't weigh the head down. Like even after several hours, the formula never feels heavy or gunky. 

Coverage: I would describe this as having a medium buildable coverage. I wouldn't say that this is as extreme as other Maybelline base makeup offerings as this is not that intense in coverage, but this is also not as light as Maybelline's BB Cushion either. This is perfect for everyday as it packs just the right coverage to get rid of most discolorations. I still used under eye concealer after using this, but for those whose under eye problems are not as intense, you can skip concealer for everyday. The key thing about this foundation is how natural the application looks. You don't look like you have a mask on (if you have the right shade on, as you have seen with my demo above) and you need not waste so much time blending. You can just massage it on and go straight to powder without much effort with blending. This can still go up to two coats, as the texture permits it. Like you won't feel like everything is so slippery and there's so much product going on. I personally feel that for everyday, one coat is enough, so I didn't bother trying three coats anymore. 

Oil Control and Longevity: I have found that under controlled conditions (not much movement, air conditioned place, frequent powder ups), this can last 9-10 hours with no problems, or even longer. I have tried it under controlled conditions and enjoyed such benefits. I have also put this under more extreme conditions (go out, be in un airconditioned places, etc.), and this lasted perfectly for like 5-6 hours. Upon the 8th or 9th hour, there was already some kind of fading on the oiliest parts of my face, especially the nose area. But the not so oily parts still had the product perfectly staying put even after so long. With proper retouch and conditions, this can be a highly desirable product. This will also work well even for those with dry skin as it's so moist and fluffy. The formula, I think, also contributes to the lasting power of the product as the mousse kind of holds up for itself. It doesn't spread oil on the face and instead keeps it to itself, so whatever oiliness you see is from your own face. 

Value for Money: Each 30mL tube retails for Php499 a pop in Maybelline counters nationwide, and is on sale until September 30, 2016, retailing for Php374 instead. I personally feel that this is more or less a reasonable price for a 30mL tube of base makeup compared to plenty of other brands, though this is more expensive than some of the other Maybelline base makeup products of the same amount. However, I personally feel that the comfort and texture refinement that this product brings for everyday truly brings something special to the table.  The mousse texture it has really does everything differently that it's worth giving it a try. 

So weeee, that's it for this review!!! 

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