Get ready, roommates, Silka Shea is back in da haus (da haus talaga kasi intense ito)!!! Grab a sample now in Sample Room! Get your fill of Silka Shea lotion for 50 points to get a 100mL bottle, and the Silka Shea bar soap for 15 points to get a 90g bar. Consequently, the Silka SPF 30 White Papaya Lotion has also been generously restocked on the website.

In order to equip the roommates with #SkinYouLove, Sample Room sent over such a gracious collaboration box with Silka featuring a crate like packaging and a good amount of soaps and lotions. I have personally not tried Silka lotions before this, but I have much praises to sing about the bar soap. As you may or may not have known, I took a university swim class three years ago. And I didn't invest in a good body sunscreen, hence having a body 3 tones darker than my face at the end of the semester, not to mention all the tan lines. I was on papaya soaps for half a year to bring back the evenness to my skin, and Silka has been among my favorite brands because I really did feel that I was legitimately evening out after two to three weeks. I also had a difficulty using other brands at the time because a lot of the papaya soaps use papaya fragrances that just offended my nose and made me dizzy. Silka was among the few brands that had a natural papaya fragrance that could actually count as fragrant, hence I stuck to the green papaya variant for dear life.

Looking back I wish I had taken photos to show that because if I could personally feel it, then there really are merits to the whitening prowess of Silka.

 This Silka lotion has just been a new addition to my beauty arsenal, BUT I AM SOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS I AM NOT GIVING OUT ANY OF THE FOUR BOTTLES I GOT I AM SORRY GIVEAWAY REGULARS. This has, hands down, the best whitening lotion fragrance ever. Instead of the usual acidic dizzying papaya smell we encounter with other whitening lotions, this was instead loaded with an uber decadent vanilla-caramel fragrance akin to the ones from Victoria's Secret. I honestly could not stop sniffing myself the first time I tried this.

I also now proclaim this as the ultimate sleep partner even if it has SPF23 hahaha. The first time I tried this I used this right before going to sleep, and given the very decadent fragrance it had, not long, my blankets also smelled like this and it was so nice of an experience. It's a lotion turned turned aromatherapy experience. Weeeell, if you don't like sweet scents, you're probably better off with other Silka offerings, but if you do like sweet fragrances like I do, then oh my gosh you need like 20 of these in your life right now, right this minute. Too bad the fragrance doesn't last for extremely long, and for you to keep smelling like a cupcake throughout the day, it's best to keep a small bottle in your purse for reapplication.

Texture wise this is less "whipped" compared to other whitening lotions, and didn't have this sort of patchy or mousse-ey texture. This absorbs relatively fast in the Philippine heat, though for those looking for extreme moisture, this is not as emollient as a cream and really will fall under the lotion category. As with any other Silka product, this is affordable, with 50mL (Php41), 100mL (Php70.25), and 200mL (Php124.75) variants.

And this is the new Whitening Soap that they have. This, unfortunately, doesn't smell like the lotion. It instead has a citrus papaya fragrance to it. I wouldn't call it bad, but given how fragrant the lotion is, I was hoping this also smelled sweet. However, as with what I have loved with Silka's core variants, this has a natural fragrance and doesn't smell synthetic in any way at all. It's not dizzying to use. As with previous soap bars, this has a reasonable lather for whole body use, and is generally not drying to the skin. This is what could count as a beauty bar so I'd classify it as non drying. 

As for the whitening part, I haven't gone to any water activity since April so I have nothing to demonstrate right now. However, I trust that this will have the same dexterity as other Silka beauty bars. With the other bars, I personally noticed my skin lightening up a few weeks after my first usage, though the more observant ones can possibly see whitening within a week or two. 

Don't forget to grab your samples and enjoy shopping! Trust me, you will save a lot of money on Victoria's Secret lotions if you buy Silka's lotion instead. I swear this lotion is the ultimate dupe!!!

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