T'was one of those nights when I was a blogger off duty! Despite the mental image that many have of bloggers, I'm not this sossy person showered in luxury goods from head to toe when going to events. I am normally in comfy shoes and comfy outfits consisting mostly of jeans and statement shirts because I normally hop around the event area taking photos and running after celebs or whomever I need to ask questions to. Blogger events aren't really dress up days for me because I need to be comfortable to do my work. Some events have no chairs so you have to be ready to stand the whole time. Or in general, one can't really run around with a heavy camera in high heels and while watching over branded goods. So these days, to me, being off duty means being able to primp and dress up because this is normally not the usual survival-lifestyle garb I wear to most events. 

Thank you so much to E! for thinking of pampering bloggers for a night! 
This was my first time to be in City of Dreams, more so be in the Grand ballroom!

Major sponsors included Century Tuna, Sun Life Financial, C2, and FS cosmetics.

And upon arriving I couldn't help but feel special given that they did this 360 moving camera thingy like in MAMA 2015!

I was also able to do one because the GoPro was still fully charged when I got there. This is sooo cute I wish I could do this again! I had to go to the post office (which mch to my dismay is near NAIA I still pity the North girl in me till now for having gone through such suffering), and the post office closes at 5, so even if the event was listed to start at 6:30, I got to the event venue at about 6PM. I took time to just look at the sponsors' booths. This is from FS Cosmetics' booth. They gave out free makeovers.

And going back to red carpet affairs, they had this whole thing going on with the backgrounds. The event was pushed back to like 9PM because immense traffic caused most to arrive at 8-8:30PM, and then everybody got caught up with doing selfies and OOTD's by the giant set ups they had. So dinner was only able to come out at 9PM because these backgrounds are too nice.

Since I was so early I didn't have to fall in line at all to get any of my portraits. The photographers were still doing nothing so I was more or less able to get photos by each backdrop design.

The event itself was very grand. They had a large guest list of bloggers representing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

And weee, food shots!!! I was soooo hungry when dinner was served so I was so happy to be eating.

Nicole Andersson was tonight's host!

And Sarah Meier got onstage to share her own knowledge over trends and fashion. She gave out many pearls of wisdom on how to adapt a timeless kind of style.

So yaaaay, till the next ball!!! 

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