Hooooray for world class Pinoy beauty fare!!! Yeahp, you may have also been fooled! Céleteque has always been this French brand that you see all your friends use but for some reason you've never seen it sold outside the country. It's actually because this is proudly manufactured by Unilab! 

(Umamin kayo you immediately said in your heads "Unilab yan!!!" after reading that sentence) 

Soooo Céleteque has long ceased to just be a skincare brand. It is now an all encompassing dermoceutical brand featuring skincare, bodycare and makeup. Today's review will be all about their matte lipsticks. I think I am only missing one shade here in their whole collection so this should be exciting!  

So this is how they all look like. I admit this product is especially difficult to photograph because of its packaging. White bodies and silver boxes=dead blogger hahahahahaha 

So this is how all of them look like. They're chubby plastic sticks. 

These are the shades that I got. Clockwise from top, I got Pink, Wine, Nude, and Ruby. Pink is already in their core collection alongside Peach and Cherry, and I got this in a prior Céleteque event. Nude, Ruby and Wine are new releases for this quarter, and I personally would say that they're not just new shades, the formula feels new altogether. 

Before I give my verdict, I'd like to bring up something funny about this product. So you see there are stickers on the lids indicating the shade names...

But on the other side, the names are not printed on the back of the sticks, so when you get the lid off, you're on your own in making sure the lids go back to the right shades. Thankfully the three new shades are discernable to most females so it shouldn't be an issue. 

But something I noticed is that in the old version, the shade name is printed on the bottom of the stick XDDD hayahay XDDD The new formula is very good so I think they spent too much time on the formula they forgot this detail homaygash maaay pppamily... 
So let me do my review with respect to the old and new versions. As far as I know the older shades still also have the older formulations, so I thought I'd talk about them as separate entities from the new ones. 

Shade Selection: The old collection was generally more play safe in terms of shades and they were all bright and cheery pinkish shades that most Pinays will wear for everyday. The new collection features these three new shades that better reflect the recent beauty trends here. The old and new collections combined make for a product line that's truly balanced and representative of the most commonly needed shades of Pinays. 

Color Payoff and Pigmentation: The old ones and the new ones have the same level of vividness and intensity of color. Getting the shade on the tube is not difficult with this product in general. The colors go on opaquely and there is this electrifying feel to it. I love the vividness of all the shades. 

Texture: The old collection doesn't feel matte at all. It's a high sheen formula and texture wise it feels a lot like a thick tinted lip balm. It goes on easily and glides on smoothly. When I tried the old formula I had no idea how it could call itself matte when it was so perky and glossy. 

The new collection, on the other hand, feels reaally matte. It's creamy, goes on thinly, and doesn't move around much. Its appearance is also super matte. It feels rich and all, but not as buttery as the old collection 

Comfort: The old one feels like a lip balm or like healthy lip color, and since it moves around a lot it feels super comfy. It's literally like using a cute lip balm so this will be something nice to throw into your everyday handbags for convenience. 

The new collection feels nourishing for a matte lipstick (like my lips' cracks and microwounds feel better when using it) and it doesn't set into a cement like texture despite being so matte. However, it must be noted that it is noticeably less buttery than most of its matte competitors nowadays. It really doesn't move much, but at least it doesn't feel waxy.

In general comfort is a key feature of this product whether it's the old or the new collection given that this has Vitamin E to moisturize lips, Bisabolol for suppleness, and Candelila Wax to nourish the lips. 

Staying Power: The old collection does stay around like a lip balm. It wears off quite easily. I once wore this lipstick to a beverage event and the moment I was done with the food tasting, only the strong tint of the product remained. The silver lining is that since all the shades in the old collection are very bright and pinkish, the products leave a nice tint that lasts long. 

The new collection leaves an even stronger tint with the reddish shades as they are so intense. The new collection lasts longer because the formula moves around a lot less. Although I'd say this new formula still isn't kissproof nor smudgeproof. This is still really more on the comfortable side so I am very happy about how this product is generally holding up despite being so comfy. 

Value for Money: Each one retails for Php595 a pop in selected Watsons stores and personally, I'd say that the new collection is worth it for the price because the new collection really comes with this perfect balance of being so matte yet so comfy at the same time. Many brands make products that are either uncomfy or un-matte, so the balance of this collection is to be comended. 

As for the old collection, personally I'd say that it's good if you reaally like the shades. They really made very attractive shades that most Pinays will like to wear everyday, so Php595 is KK for something you will use everyday. I personally super like the shade Peach as it perfectly captures my vision of what coral pink should be and that I super like coral pinks, But if I were to judge them based on matte lipstick behavior, I think I'd say that it's best to wait for the old shades to be made in the new formulation before buying them. 

And now that the review is done, lemme get down to the shades!!! 

This is a very bright and cheery hot pink that will suit many skintones. 

This is a light clay color that is quite a good choice for a rendition of a nude shade given that they only have just one nudy shade for now. This is a genuine creamy clay color with a heavy touch of brown and barely any touches of pink, perfect for those who want to follow the current trends. 

This is perhaps the most literal name for a lipstick shade and it doesn't need further explaining. This is a very rich red with a tiny brownish undertone. This will surely delight a lot of lipstick lovers as it's just so nice to look at. 

Yet another shade that barely needs explaining, this is a very shocking and beautiful blue based red. But it has just the right amount of blue to still look nice on many Pinay skintones. Too much blue doesn't look good on Pinays at times, so I like that they struck a balance with this one. 

And yaaaay, that's it for the lipsticks!!! I am so excited to be back to talk about the other makeup and skincare that I got from them. 

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