In a world of liquid lipsticks and everything matte and opaque, Sooper Beaute has decided to do things differently in time for the holidays! I am guessing they did this for the super slightly chillier holidays (yeah we're in the Philippines who are we kidding). This is a very unique product and as far as I can tell this is the first of its kind. I actually couldn't understand what it was when I was using it till I looked at their IG. 

It's not liquid lipstick as they have the lip and cheek therapy for that. It's also definitely not lipstick. It's not sticky nor structured enough to be a gloss (even though the product description on beautyMNL says it's supposed to be a high shine gloss), and while this has healing properties for the lips it's not what comes to mind when lip balm is the topic either. The term lacquer is probably misleading as it brings to mind the mental images of drying and sealing and would be more apt for a liquid lipstick, but I get where they are coming from that it really is just so unique that no term can really nail down what it really is. 

Soooo let me start this post with a photo of my bare lips. I think this will set the tone for everything because this will be the benchmark when the product is on. 

Overall, I feel that this is a sheer lip color that's runny and not a single bit lip glossy at all. It's glossy in finish but it really doesn't have the structure and stickiness one expects from a gloss. 

To break it down...
Color Payoff: This is the best part of this product because it's all brown themed and errthing but sheer. This is the perfect match for a lot of Pinay skintones and really highlights and brings out the best in one's complexion. What you see is what you get color wise, but imagine it sheer. I like how they took the MLBB part seriously here because this really stands out in a world of opaque candy pink and nude glosses. 

Pigmentation: Just to formally break it to you, this is sheer. They have their Lip and Cheek Therapy collection which is opaque and is a liquid lipstick. This may be in a tube, too, but it's a different product altogether. 

Texture: Like I mentioned, this doesn't behave like a formal lip gloss per se. It instead behaves like a liquefied lip balm, if I may say. It's smooth, glides on easily, and is runny so you'd more or less use so little every time. This is also glossy in nature and will not dry nor set into something matte.

Comfort: This is the perfect product for those who hate getting their hair, dust, and other particulates on their gloss as this isn't a sticky formula. Or to sum it up, for those who just simply hate sticky gloss products. It goes on thinly on the lips and will probably feel uncomfortable for most when forcefully piled up as it leaves a taste to the tongue. I can't describe it but it's an oily taste, akin to how one might feel when applying copious amounts of petroleum jelly on the lips. 

However, this is by far one of the most lip nourishing products I've ever tried. If judged as a lip balm this is holy grail material. When I applied it on my chapped lips it didn't really feel like anything after application, but after the product itself wore off and all I could feel was the grape oil it had, I could feel my lips becoming softer and softer. True enough, after awhile, all the dry skin had softened up. 

Longevity: This doesn't last very long on the lips color wise and gloss wise, but the nourishing grape oils in it will stay for a veeery loooong tiiiime. Like overniiiiightttt. That kind of 'long time.' If you want something nourishing the whole day, this is it. If you want the gloss part to stay put though, I think you really will just have to settle for stickier glosses... 

And now that that's done, let me get to the swatches and shades! And ingredients, too! This is a new collection so so far there are only 3 shades. Perhaps if consumer demand is strong they might even add more shades. 

Tube wise, this is what I'd call a burnt sienna shade. This may also count as a warm caramel/ dulce de leche shade (yes i am hungry). 

This is how it looks like when piled on thickly, but for this and all the other skin swatches, it's just an exaggerated application. You will not get it this opaquely on your lips without it spilling over or leaving too much of a taste in your mouth.

So I purposely didn't photoshop out the red patches on my lips so that you can see how sheer this really is. Like you can tell it is waaay more sienna than before application, but it's very sheer.

Mercedes is like a progression from Juno in the sense that it's a more orange and vibrant version of Juno. Some circles might actually think of this as the one that passes more as burnt sienna compared to Juno. But I think this can never be caramel colored so I think that could be one thing to help you with discerning the shades. 

This is a warm mauve that everyone is dying for. Or will die for (since this product just hit the shelves so recently). It's a dainty, pretty shade that I am sure will suit a lot of skintones. But in general, this collection is screaming 'morena queens' all over it. 

So to sum it all up, here you go! I photoshopped the red patches off already ahahaha. For those who are wondering, it's the remnant of a very strong lip tint. The lip tint was just too strong that even baby oil and scrubbing still wouldn't get it off. I thought I'd just go on with the lip swatches so I could show the sheerness, too. 

This retails for Php380 a pop in all the places you can get Sooper Beaute from!

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