Soooo it's only now I realize that this blog has been in existence for so long but I have never made a styling appliance review yet! So yaaay, this is my review of Panasonic's Nanoe Hair Straightener. 

I am still coming to terms with the brandless scientific explanation behind Nanoe (pronounce as Nano-E) technology. You see, there are plenty of scientific phenomena that brands explain using proprietary terms and mechanisms. I would personally like to see the patent documents of this product if they exist so I can get the explanation without the proprietary terms hahaha. 

But basically, Nanoe is their proprietary technology of the product being able to suck ions in the air, make them even smaller, infuse them with water, and then put them back into the hair. The claim is hair becomes shiny and strong when using this product. 

This is how the box looks like. The tagline is "Invisible Nanoe, Visible Result." 

Product features include 5 temperature settings, a lock for the iron, a rotary power cord, photoceramic plates, and up to 200 degrees Celsius. For safety, this product shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of non-use.  

You can zoom this in to see the nanoe explanation. It claims to be able to help hair from losing its own natural moisture by 14.5%, reduces color fading by 2/3 compared to other Panasonic iron plates, and improves straightening performance by 35% compared to other Panasonic heaters by providing a steady stream of heat when needed. 

Conversely, save yourself from squinting and check out these screenshots from Panasonic's product page. 

The moment it's out of the box, this is how it looks like. So yes, by default, it comes with a round plug. If your house mostly has flat plugs, then it may be good to get an adapter or multi-plug extension cord with this purchase. 

Up close this is how the logo looks like. 

These are the photoceramic plates up close. As you can see, the design is on the bulkier side. Unlike most irons of today, there are plenty of crevices on the side because if I understand correctly, it's through these crevices that Nanoe can be injected to the hair.

The controls are on the side of the iron. There is a power button and buttons to control the temperature. I own three straightening irons (including this), a mermaid crimper, a straightening brush, and a curling iron as of now, and I will be honest that this is not the most convenient configuration to use. This configuration means that you have to be conscious to not keep on touching these buttons while using the iron because you may accidentally switch the iron off or change the temperature. Or to rephrase, I have accidentally switched this off by accident while using this several times coz I held onto the iron too tightly hahaha.

My other irons have the temperature settings are in dial format, and the on and off switch is a flip switch. So even if I hold on to the iron tightly, there's no way for me to accidentally shut off the iron while using those.

But to be fair, I super liked the lock because my other straighteners don't have locks and it can be quite annoying to tame them when I'm traveling. I don't want to have to worry about making sure that the iron has plenty of things surrounding it so it doesn't pry loose when in my luggage.

I like that they have the model and the electrical information printed in big text in the inside of the iron. It can be quite difficult to look at the plug, especially if you're traveling and do not have access to the box to see the specifications.

The design is very futuristic. You know it's turned on once it has this blue light going on. If you look closely, you'll see the temperature settings. You can go from 150 to 200 degrees Celsius. 

This is amusing in the sense that it even comes with its own cleaning brush for cleaning the nanoe compartment. I have not used this enough to see dirt or debris in the compartment, but I guess there will be something there once I abuse this product already? 

Okaaaay finally the Nanoe part makes total sense to meeeee!!! The box said something about crunchy, sizzling sounds that may arise from the product and that it's normal. I thought it was because of some motor or engine, until I looked into the crevice and saw baby lightnings being made! Look closely and you'll see baby lightnings in the form of small white lines. 

Lightning is all about ionized air. You can read up on many articles in science textbooks and online, but basically lightning is merely a visual manifestation of air being ionized. There are plenty of theories in the scientific world about how clouds become polarized to then cause the ionization of air and subsequently lightning. But if you will heed this study, it says that "ions are produced in moist air from thin water films on conductive surfaces between which an electric field exists." This means that the baby lightnings this device makes do harness moisture, and the moisture can then be infused into the hair. 

So let's test it! So this is me at the end of the day. I thought that this'll be the best time to test it because my hair is already gunky and has been through so much in the day that it's gonna be so easy to see any manageability changes. 

To give perspective, my hair is straight by default. It gets fluffy and wavy and all, but my hair is more on the fine side. In general my hair is easy to tame, but my bleached hair means my hair gets damaged so easily by styling tools and I can reaaaaaally smell it when it happens. Burnt hair smells so bad I swear. And when hair is burnt, it smells that way for at least a day, even if I shampoo and do tons of things. 

I use the iron at 150 degrees Celsius and proceed to straighten my hair. Since I knew it was gonna make sizzling sounds, I didn't panic. I knew my hair wasn't getting fried, it was just the device's noise.

I probably used 3-5 passes before I got it to this point. The plates are thankfully flat enough that they do a good job in reaaally keeping my hair in place between the plates so that something really is happening. The thing with some other straightening irons is that the blades are not perfectly flat to each other that you don't get to "squeeze" all the hair in one swipe. What then happens is that the hair doesn't respond immediately, you'll need to to several more swipes, and by the time it's straight your hair has been exposed to heat for too long it's already fried or on the verge of falling off. As you can see, my hair still looks like hair and is somehow still shiny even after being straightened.

I proceed to iron out the rest of my hair and see what happens.

I am pleased that even as I look at this photo, my hair still looks shiny and looks like hair. I am also happy that I was able to attain this at just 150 degrees Celsius, whereas with other irons with less perfect plates, I'd have to turn it up to 200 degrees Celsius to get the same effect in the same amount of time.

Texture wise, my hair feels soft and flexible. It doesn't feel like a stiff, dry bunch of plant fibers. Y'all know the feeling when you iron your hair and it looks good but feels like a broom's fibers to the touch already? I'm thankful that didn't happen with this appliance.

And yaaay, the best part is my hair doesn't smell burnt or fried!!! That's all the validation I needed! Even the driest ends don't smell burnt. My hair still smells like my hair and that really pleased me so much about this product. All my other metal tools make my hair smell burnt by the time I finish styling, so this was definitely a plus for me.

So I tried to bring out mousse so I could try to see how this would curl my hair.

I tried all the techniques people have for curling hair using straighteners but this is just too bulky for it to work.

As you can see, I only get weirdly wavy hair. I have tried doing the friction technique (like I'll twirl the hair and then pull the iron out in a straight direction) and I have tried to use this as a hair curling iron as pictured, but I think that the plastic rims on the side of the plates just make it impossible to get a good curl. I think the curls can only be possible if the rims of the iron are also hot enough to heat the hair. But on the flipside, I didn't hurt myself using this because even while it's turned on, the immediate area surrounding the plates is not hot.

The next thing I did was to test it against hair that has been waved through heating. I am using my mermaid iron to get my hair to crimp. Normally, hair that has been crimped this way, at least for me, no longer cooperates to anything.

So this is how it looks like crimped. 

I then proceed to use the straightener. As you can see, it straightens out most of the crimp on its first pass. Yes, even I can't believe that this is just the first pass!

The crimped part of my hair is a bit fluffier, but I'm pleased that I was able to get rid of most of the crimping without burning my hair. My hair still smelled like hair, and I didn't have to do too many passes as this already got rid of most of the crimp immediately.

And yaaaay that's it! Soo for my feedback... 

 I will not lie what if you're looking to buy a flat iron to get both curling and straightening, this just isn't the product for you. This is an exceptionally good straightener, but its configuration just doesn't make it possible to get good curls. It's too bulky and too cool on the area surrounding the hot plates that it just will not function as a curling iron any day. I also will not lie that the buttons need some time to get used to given that they're on an area of the iron that we typically will grab onto while using the appliance.

But may I also say that this is an ideal product for those who are tired of the damage from constant rebonding or hair relaxing. That's because this can provide flexibly straight hair without the damage. If you have difficult to tame hair and do straightening as your go-to everyday routine, this'll be the perfect product for you as it can potentially get rid of crimps and kinks in a short amount of time without making hair coarser or damaging it further. This is ideal for long term use because this is gentle enough to the hair that you can afford to use this everyday without making your hair suffer even more. If you are working as a stylist and have the budget, this is also an ideal addition to your kit as it'll straighten your clients' hair without the damage. 

Overall, given the price (this is at US$130 in the sites I checked), this will really be an investment item. While everybody has the right to buy what they want, my take is that this will be best if it's invested on by someone who has hair taming issues that this will be used for straightening everyday for a long period of time. So that the buyer will get a return on investment. If you are the occasional iron user, I think Panasonic has more affordable options which may not offer the same moisture and hair protection levels, but is priced to match your usage habits better. 

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