Sooo awhile back y'all were probably able to read my super happy review over the Master Strobing Cream from Maybelline. This review is over the Master Strobing Stick. This basically is the strobing cream just turned into stick format. There's not a huge difference in the glow it gives. 

So yeah let's get the review started! 

Shade Selection: Like the strobing cream, this also just has two shades. The US release just has 3 shades (there's another one for deeper skintones). As I've said in my review of the cream, I guess Maybelline wanted to simplify things for the mass market consumer. But I super love the Master Strobing line in general and I do wish that they'd churn out more shades (especially holo ones) in the future. 

Color Payoff: I have seen swatches of this by my friends and I'm happy to say that you can tell which one is pink and which one is nude. It doesn't end up being just this random ray of light. 

Pigmentation and Pore Effect: This is a soft, buildable kind of product. For most days, I use light and feathery strokes to get just a little bit of a glow. But if I want this to be more intense, I can stroke it heavily. This can also be piled up to the point of being like an opaque pearl eyeshadow. This looks great from afar given that it gives such a radiant glow, but up close it may have some pore enlarging effect. 

Texture: This has more or less a cream to powder finish. This doesn't behave like a foundation stick wherein the product is tacky from application until it's set with powder. This sets into a powdery finish once left on its own. However, since this is stick form, this has its own issues with makeup. No matter how lightly you put this one, this has the tendency to cake up powder makeup after a while. Like I can get it to apply to freshly applied powder and look like how I expect it to look, but after a few hours it'd be blotchy and disheveled. I have yet to experiment some more, but thus far, this just will not stay as is over my powder. I feel that this works best on bare skin, or will need to be applied on skin before powdering, but I have yet to see. 

Comfort: This is lightweight and does not feel tacky or sticky at any point. But it may be uncomfortable in the sense that when you put this over powder and it cakes up, it's uncomfortable to think that it's already caking up and stuff... 

Longevity: This I think is the trickiest part for me. If you apply this lightly, it does wear off throughout the day. But once you start retouching this and you have powder on, it will make your makeup look cakier and cakier with each retouch. No matter how much I try to blend, there is just a blotchy effect that I can't get rid of. But on the flipside, if you apply this on bare skin, you'd find yourself needing to retouch every two hours or so because it has nothing to "hold" onto. 

Value For Money: I'm not reaaally sold on the Php399 pricetag because for Php499, you already have the V-Face duo stick and that already has a contour stick as well. To be fair, the V-face duo stick is 8g total (so presumably there's 4g of highlighter and 4g contour), and then this one is 10g, so in terms of price to gram ration, this is bound to be cheaper. But I like how V-Face is already 2 products in one stick (forgive my biases). Also, I feel that the strobing cream from the same collection has more value for money since the cream can work both on bare and made up skin, while this one more or less just stays fresh on bare skin. But if you are already obsessed with the highlighting part of V-Face and want more where that came from, then this'll be a steal for you. 

Overall Feedback: This is a giant stick that can be used for a very very veeeeery long time. This product can offer good mileage since it's so big. To sum it up, if you're not into using a lot of powder, this'll be perfect for you because this more or less just encounters problems when powder is involved. If you're the type of person who uses lip tint or cream blush and uses powder sparingly, then this'll be a perfect addition to your collection. No matter how much texture problems I have with this, I still will never downplay how beautiful the shades are. This provides such a subtle but refreshing glow to one's look. I like how these appear in a very natural manner and do not overpower one's overall look. If you want to get the beautiful glow and still be able to use powder, simply get the cream from the same collection.  

Soo now that's done, this is how the packaging looks like. This is a bit chubby, which is good, because there's plenty of product to go around. 

For those who want to see the ingredients, here you go: 

This is what I see under my stick. Since this is an earlier sample I got in January, I'm not sure if this is what's on the bottom of the sticks in stores right now.

And this is how it looks like without the lid. The lid doesn't snap on tightly so I always am paranoid that this might fall off in my bag by accident and wreak havoc. This is why when I do bring this out, I choose to place this inside a small makeup pouch snugly loaded with other items so that it doesn't move from its place.

This is how the glorious thing looks like. The pink one is just as pretty, if not even prettier.

Just to show how it harnesses light, I thought I'd take a photo of the stick from this angle.
So this is the skin swatch. It appears as a champagne colored eyeshadow here. But don't worry as this swatch is exaggerated so you can see the color. When it's applied in actuality, it more or less is just a subtly warm shade.

This is me applying the product. I already have powder and blush here. I proceed to apply the product on my cheeks, my forehead, and nose. Since this is pigmented enough, I can afford to have these relatively conspicuous highlight bars without having exerted much effort.

For this demo, in order to cause the least amount of dragging, I am using my damp BeautyBlender to dab on the product.

After I dab it on, this is how it looks like. It's reaaally pretty and looks so natural. I love how it's obvious but not too overdramatic. Pigmentation wise, this is lovely.

Just to finish the whole look I added in lipstick. BTW this is my Moonshot M114 lipstick which I love so much!

This nude shade in particular adds in a beautiful warm glow to the overall look.

This may not be the most flexible product there is, but I love that this doesn't look overdramatic for everyday. I use this on my cheeks whenever I'm not going to do something major so as to need so much makeup. I just pair this with cream blush, and I use powder on just my forehead and nose. 

So don't forget to #MakeFreshMatteSummer happen! 

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