It's that time of the year again! Cosmo girls had a blast at SMX Convention Center last Saturday with all the talks from various experts in beauty. Plus, Cosmo girls were also treated to a lot of flash sales, free samples, and great deals from their favorite beauty brands!

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CG's were all eyes and all ears as beauty vloggers Anne Clutz, Teena Arches and Crisha Uy gave an inspiring talk about their life in the beauty vlogging industry. They shared how they cope with bashing and unwarranted criticism, and gave advice for those who wish to start their own blog or YouTube channel. 

The girls shared that it's so hard to deal with criticism, more so that usually, bashers come from this mindset that just because you're sharing snippets of your life in your vlog, that they have a say in how you live your life. So it's important to screen feedback that's constructive versus feedback that's plain toxic, and to steer clear from toxicity before it goes on to affect your mentality.

They also shared that it's not about stressing the numbers. Numbers can fluctuate, but what's important is to always come up with content that you think is timely, relevant, and value adding to your audience.

The much anticipated highlight of the event was the appearance of Heart Evangelista! Heart shared alllll her beauty secrets and her lazy day hacks. She shared that being a celeb is not as glamorous as it seems and is super stressful, so she has a lot of hacks to looking her best despite being stressed out. For one, she always likes to have a good supply of crisp white clothes and pretty nude shoes in her closet, so she always manages to pull off a very chic and sophisticated look without overthinking things. 

She also shared that she wears heels no matter what. Even her house slippers are platform wedge slippers! Heart shared that as she's 5'2", she always needs to make up for things by wearing heels. Yes, it does hurt to wear heels all the time, but she finds it more stressful to be stressed out by her height than by wearing heels, so she goes for heels. 

One of the interesting things Heart shared is that she sleeps with a lot of pillows, because her mother taught her that sleeping with your head down will contribute to premature aging and sagging skin. She shared that she used to like getting a tan, but due to the extreme damage that the sun can cause, she's been staying away from unnecessary sun exposure.

There was also a discussion on how Cosmo editors do what they do! Ira Nopuente and Retty Contreras shared that they do read all the feedback they get, whether good or bad, and use the feedback they get in deciding what direction to go for and what articles to write next. They explain it as if it's so simple, but in reality, it's a lot more complicated than that, and I commend them for their quick wits! As someone who technically can be considered a beauty writer, I know how hard it is to cover everything going on in the beauty world in a timely manner. They really are just so dedicated and passionate about what they're doing that they have continuously come up with good content all this time.

And yaaay, let's talk sales! Ellana Minerals had a boot showcasing their popular mineral face powders.

In2It was also busy giving out makeovers. 

Hello Gorgeous also had their wares for sale at the event! 

Everyday Love was also present and completely stocked with their HG nude lippies. 

Selfie time! With Ysa of Cosmo. She and I share a K-pop addiction as she also has a role for Sparkling magazine...

And I met my idol Mixi! Mixi is more or less the flatlay girl at Cosmo, so as someone who does flatlays a lot, I really admire her work all the time. And OMG! May kwento ako! It was a summer layout done by Mixi for Cosmo that had this really cute doughnut design drink floater. I was so inspired by the editorial that I ordered a floater online only to be sent a full size lifesaver wahahaha. I just had to tell Mixi what happened.

Till the next Cosmo Beauty Block, see you, girls! 

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