Watsons is speaking our language! 

We're now in this apocalyptic era of death by overwork, and the recent crazy inflation means that we cannot not work for a day, at all. It's really very easy to get burned out by what's happening, and as many of you know by now (yes we're learning together), a burnt out person is an unproductive person. To stay sane, it's important to have Me Time. As clichéd as it sounds, it really is a necessity these days to have Me Time. It's no longer kaartehan––Me Time is a way to cope with apocalyptic urban life, because when we're feeling our best, we can also do our best and be our best selves for the people around us. 

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Me Time essentials? Watsons has toooooons of that. From hair, to skin, to nail essentials, even to makeup therapy––I actually no longer need to make an introduction of the wondrous things we can find inside Watsons (even if I still will do haha). In fact, I'm sure all of you already have your own stories of entering a Watsons store and leaving 2 hours later with like 1 suitcase full of hauled items.... (wag niyo sabihing ako lang yun huy walang laglagan!!!)

To kickstart the days festivities, Aimee Pernia, Watsons Beauty Senior Category Manager, gave a talk on how important it is to pay attention to Me Time. We are in an era where we glorify being busy and being overworked, but being busy doesn't mean being mentally nor physically healthy. It's important to set aside a little time every day to pamper ourselves. I took her advice seriously because retailing is a crazy industry, and it's so stressful to be in retail that if you don't take me time seriously, you really will get burnt out pretty quickly....

Apples Aberin, head of PR for Unilever, also came over to talk about her favorite Me Time ritual––going to the derma. As a very busy mom with a veeerrrryy stressful job, it's indeed safe to say that Apples' devotion to proper skincare and dermatology is what has kept her looking waaaaaay younger than her true age. It's like she never ages! Honestly, whenever there is a Unilever event and I see her, she still looks exactly like how she looked like in her modeling layouts in magazines from yeaaars ago. Although she came to promote Pond's, I think in general Apples is the epitome of what you'll be if you take Me Time seriously from a young age. She obviously took care of herself well in the past decades, and now, when she's with her peers, it shows.

Another blooming beauty who came over was Shamcey Supsup, who was 8 months pregnant and still hotter than us all! Shamcey shared that she is a full time working mom, and that her husband has been very supportive of her getting her me time. She's in love with Céleteque's anti aging range as the products are gentle to the skin, but very potent. My mom loves their anti aging cream, too, and when I examined it, it's because the texture is quite lightweight, which I think is perfect for busy people who do not have the time to wait an eternity for a skincare product to be absorbed.

Raiza Contawi also came over to promote Paalmolive Expertique. She shared her usual hangout routines and activities. More than words, y'all can see her super shiny hair here, so it's no doubt that Palmolive has been of great help to her tresses.

Vern and Verniece Enciso came over to promote their beloved Cream Silk. This time, they were promoting Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue. Cream Silk's Triple Keratin rescue is literally buying three separate keratin products in one tube, which makes it the perfect Me Time staple. It only takes a few minutes to use, but already packs the potency of a whole hair salon's arsenal. To add, it's a very economical way to pamper yourself because each tube is just at Php150 on average, while the average keratin treatment will cost Php1000 upwards.

Aside from the program, they also had a lot of little booths to promote the different ways we can have a little Me Time everyday. One good example is using mask sheets! Mediheal definitely is a great brand for this task as based from my own experiences, the serum is lightweight enough for the Philippine heat, and the sheet itself is noticeably thicker, so you can put it on for longer.

To add, BTS is also a form of Me Time! All our K-Pop obsessions are! If you haven't gotten hold of Mediheal's BTS mask sheets yet, now's the right time to get them because they are sure to run out real soon!

Bell Hypoallergenic also had a setup of their products. This is a new entrant from Poland, and is sure to make waves very soon as this is the widest selection I have seen so far for a hypoallergenic makeup brand.

Me Time won't be complete without a relaxing manicure, so be sure to always have your favorite nail polishes ready for whenever you want to pamper yourself!

Olay also took center stage as their 7 in 1 slogan definitely resonates with the event's theme. You only need to use a little products and use a little time, but will be able to achieve many benefits. If there's anything that Watsons wants us to take away from all of this, it will have to be that Me Time doesn't have to be costly nor time consuming, but it can be immensely rewarding and satisfying when done smartly.

And here, more goodies from St. Ives, Neutrogena, and Belo! St. Ives is also quite famous for me time staples with all their scrubs. I honestly wish there was a St. Ives make-your-own scrub bar here, like in other countries! 

And wee selfie time! Wuth Kaycee!!!

Amd Almira whom I haven't seen in so long. 

Lodi! Lodi! Mom and I have been watching Thea Tolentino from waaaay back during her Pyra days! We also followed The Half Sisters, Haplos, and essentially every afternoon soap opera she appeared in since Pyra.

And another lodi!!! Mom and I were blown away by Kris Bernal's performance in Impostora and we watched it very religiously from start to finish.

As for me? Off to do my nails coz it's my turn for me time!

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