One of the fondest memories I have in college was when I took an exam for our finance class. It was a stressful finals week, and I basically was on study mode 24/7 and had no time for pretty much anything else. When I turned in the paper, I let out a sighed "Ayayay, I don't have pH Care anymore." I was talking to the wind when I said that, but the moment I blurted that out, a whole group of girls chimed in in unison that they, too, had no pH Care anymore. 

And then what followed was a mini pH care convention in the middle of the classroom. Most of us favored Cool Wind the most, but the consensus was that, it can be any variant, so long as it's pH Care.

I have personally been a pH Care user for almost 10 years (?) (sorry I lost count I've just been loyal to pH Care for so long), that life really is incomplete without it. When they offered to send a kit over, it was definitely much welcomed, as pH Care is something I could preach about on and on and on.

They sent the items in this cute kit! I find the whole #GotYouGirl mantra very apt, because pH Care really has been there for us girls for so long. Why the affinity? I learned about why when I was in college.

Sooo back then, feminine wash was not an everyday item for Pinays. Usually, one used feminine wash after childbirth, during menstruation, or after sexy time. It came with sort of this stigma that wasn't too good. And since it wasn't something that was used everyday, people couldn't really form steady habits with using feminine wash, and as such there wasn't that much brand love. pH Care changed all that by creating a formulation that was optimal for everyday use, and deploying an all out launch campaign communicating the concept of 'daily feminine hygiene' that to consumers. The initial marketing managers of the brand put the brand in a position where it's as essential as toothpaste or bath soap. I admire the first brand managers for they have been very very smart about what they did.

As pH Care was the first brand to enter the Philippines with an everyday equity, most people ended up growing into the process of using feminine wash everyday. In hindsight, I think that competitors are having a hard time catching up now because they cannot own the equity of having feminine washes for everyday use.

Now you know! I think, the other thing that makes pH Care different is that it has a lot of variants to cater to different needs and preferences. When it comes to fragrance, the Philippine market is bound to be clamoring for plenty of fragrance choices, even down to feminine wash. While feminine wash must serve a functional benefit of providing feminine hygiene, pH Care has also served a then-underserved need for variety and fun in feminine wash. I think that's why it's important. 

I'm sooo giddy about the shirt they sent over and will shamelessly wear it once I have it washed as it speaks to me soooo much. 

I'm really grateful for these items they sent!! Altho when it's me shopping, I don't think twice and grab the biggest bottles available. I dunno if it's just me (and my batchmates at the time), but when I don't use feminine wash before leaving the house, or after a long day, there's just something missing. Like there's something that feels weird, like I don't feel clean enough. That time my friends and I were talking after that exam, we all agreed that when we don't use pH Care, we just didn't feel clean enough. I would like to think that a lot of other people share the same sentiments!!! 

Their most popular variants are of course Passionate Bloom and Naturals Guava. Altho most of my friends and I are solid pH Care Cool Wind fans. But at the end of the day, so long as we're all getting rid of odor, itch and irritation, whatever floats your boat, right?

The most popular sizes are of course their 150mL bottles (Php111-115, depending on variant)

And for travel or school/office use, their 50mL bottles (Php50-52, depending on variant) are nifty to have as well. 

They also did send wipes over! Their wipes are usually at around Php40-45 per pack. 

What about you guys? What's your pH Care story? 

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