Let's make beauty easy! 

Cleene is known as a go-to brand for good cotton balls and cotton rounds. But now, they come with a Japanese-inspired sub-brand, Yuki Yuki. Japanese beauty philosophy revolves heavily around good cotton––there are several specialty cotton brands, and Japanese people include cotton brands in beauty rankings quite extensively. I've also been heavily influenced to find good cotton because I've come to the realization that we spend so much money on expensive skincare, and it'd be a waste for the cotton to not hold the product it's supposed to hold, or for a pad to give way while it's still not supposed to tear. 

I now also have a more specific use for cotton products. Cotton balls to remove makeup, as it holds a lot of liquid and that will come in handy when removing a full face of makeup. Beauty puffs to dispense essence or toner, as these are able to keep a small amount of product but able to spread the product over a large surface area. But good cotton pads are hard to come by in the Philippines as the country in general still doesn't have a Japanese philosophy towards cotton. That's why I was so excited to receive this kit! 

Before everything, I just wanna commend the team for coming up with such a cute and functional seeding kit!

I love how thoughtful they were to have a functional locker that can really be opened and closed with ease. Mom and I can surely use this for item storage. 

I totally appreciate the mirror they included in here! 

I also wanna point out the little insert they had on making DIY cotton masks. A lot of more premium cotton offerings overseas are marketed as absorbent and sturdy enough to be used as mask packs. Their Yuki Yuki range aims to be that brand of sturdy cotton pads that can be used as mask packs. 

I also just wanna point out how cute the mini hooks in this locker are!!! I have no idea where they were able to source hooks this small. Maybe they went to a specialty doll or miniature store to get these!

Now let's talk about the products! 

There's Yuki Yuki Cotton Puff. 

These are designed to be soft to the skin, have a lint-free touch (which is so important as so many cotton puffs leave behind soooo much lint), and it has a 20sided sealed edge. Each box has 40 puffs. 

The secret to these cotton puffs are natural cotton for the outer sheet (which makes it soft), special cotton in the middle layer still with natural cotton oil (to help skincare distribution more even and smooth), and efficiently sealed edges to help the cotton puffs be sturdy.
The puffs look like any other puffs once opened...

But when I touched it, I was impressed! I like that the puffs are thicker than other puffs in the market. The outer sheet is also thick, sturdy, and is similar to baby wipe material. The puff may be soft and fluffy but it has a good, firm structure. I appreciate that the sides are 'sealed,' so the outer sheets don't just come off out of nowhere.

I tried to see how it'd work on some makeup. Here are a Colourpop liquid lipstick and Maybelline BB cream.

Upon using micellar water, I like how the cotton sheet still felt sturdy. There wasn't a lot of sheer strain even after I tugged heavily. Whenever I use locally acquired cotton pads to remove makeup, the pad gets deformed immediately, and then I'd need to use another one, and another one, and another one. Definitely, if you're frustrated with the flimsy cotton pads in the market and want something sturdier like the Japanese ones, you'll like this.

Aside from cotton puffs, there's also Yuki Yuki Makeup Cotton Buds! 

I counted and my pack 40 sticks, and therefore 80 tips, but weirdly, it says 70 tips on the packaging. Oh well at least they underpromised, which is better than overpromising.

As seen here, Yuki Yuki products are made in Thailand but distributed by Philusa corporation. 

I really like how each pack of cotton buds come packaged in a plastic box! There are a lot of cotton buds sold in resealable plastic bags, but usually, these are too flimsy and will end up torn or broken before the user has used up the tips. I also noticed that if it's not in a box, people usually will have a habit to leave the bag open, and it's unhygienic as the tips will be prone to dirt and contamination. 

As for this product, the key feature is that the tips are dual-ended. 

One end is a flat oval end. I'm actually not sure as to what the manufacturer's purpose is for this end. This is my first time to see a cotton bud tip like this, so I have yet to see. I think when I use this extensively, I'll figure it out. 

The other side is a commonly seen feature in cotton bud tips. It's a pointed carrot shape, which comes in really handy on the corners of the eyes or removing pesky bits of smudged eyeliner or mascara. I actually used this to remove smudged eyeliner on my mom's eye before I wrote this post! I also use this side to remove smudged gel polish before curing. 

These come with plastic stems, so for those who prefer plastic, you will like this. If you prefer the cotton buds with paper or wooden stems, then this product is not for you.

Indeed beauty is made easy with these products! And may I say not just easy, but also made more efficient!

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