Maybelline Made For All Lipstick (373 Mauve For Me) Review
What happens when you curate the most flattering versions of 7 of the most universal lipstick shades? You get Maybelline's Made For All Lipstick Collection! This is an amazing collection that excites me a lot, as Maybelline makeup artists did thousands of color tests to determine which version of each shade looks best on most people. They did all the trial and error so what we have now are the perfect, fool-proof versions of each shade. These are great for gifts as the shades are bound to be a hit with any recipient, and these will also be great for everyone who's looking for satin finish lipsticks as of late! 

This review is for the shade 373-Mauve For Me

Product Information:
Product Name
Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick
Pricing and Availability
SRP Php299 each (each lipstick is 4.2g/0.15oz) at Maybelline counters nationwide, and at LazadaShopee, and Amazon
Shade Selection
shades representing the most commonly used color families, with each shade representing the best shade for that color family 
Scent (If Any)
Has the usual cocoa scent that a lot of Maybelline lippies have. 
UnpigmentedPigmentedHighly Pigmented
UncomfortableComfortableVery Comfortable
Lasting Power
Short (0-2 hours)Medium (2-5 hours)Long (≥5 hours)

Texture Scale: 
PowderyXXXXXNot Powdery
StickyXXXXXNot Sticky
MovesXXXXXDries and Sets

Overall Feedback: 
Maybelline has over a hundred existing lip product shades, and while that means more options for the customer, I feel that it can be quite confusing for some. I really appreciate this effort of theirs to have this very distilled collection of the shades people are most likely going to buy and selecting the most flattering version of each shade. It really simplifies the thought process for everyone, whether we're talking about makeup beginners or makeup junkies. Most people will realistically lean on a few lipsticks despite having many, so this is a very practical collection on their part. As I've mentioned, this is also amazing for gift giving as this is the ultimate foolproof gift for any kind of recipient. 

The texture is comparably much smoother than other Maybelline lipsticks as this has a satin finish instead of a matte one––no powder particles can be felt with this one. This starts off a little bit sheer on the first swipe, but it can easily be built up to full opacity. This moves a bit, so it's really comfortable to wear and feels lightweight and flexible on the lips.  Its only weakness is that like other comfortable Maybelline lipsticks, this doesn't last very long, especially if one will eat or drink. 

To say I love how flattering each shade on me is an understatement, as each shade looks and feels amazing. Overall, for Php299, I feel these pack good value for money as the colors are immensely beautiful. I also like that for collectors, buying each shade of the 7 shades will be worth it, as the colors are really varied.  


The perfect brown based nude shade for all! This is one of my favorite Maybelline shades of all time across all their lip product releases. 
Maybelline Made For All Lipstick (373 Mauve For Me) Casing

Maybelline Made For All Lipstick (373 Mauve For Me)

Maybelline Made For All Lipstick (373 Mauve For Me) Zoom

Maybelline Made For All Lipstick (373 Mauve For Me) Swatch
Maybelline Made For All Lipstick (373 Mauve For Me) Lip Swatch

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