Sooooo cuuuuuute!!! KYAAAA

That's really the first thing that any recipient is sure to squeal out once receiving the limited edition Kim Chiu Instant K-White Glow Skincare Cream Set from Seoul White! Seoul White has been around for a couple of years now, and the products have gone viral time and again because they work magic, and they're so affordable. The product lineup is also simple! 

They're of course super famous for their Seoul White Instant White Tone Up Whitening Milky Cream (Php299 for 20g). This has whitening arbutin bearberry, white strawberry, and donkey milk.  

What sets it apart from other similar offerings in the market is that it's so lightweight and it's not sticky!!! There are so many similar products that end up being too powdery that it doesn't adhere to the skin anymore, or end up being too hot and heavy. This one is the right texture for the Philippine weather. 

Seoul White Double White Whitening Soap starts at Php49 for a 60g bar (available at Lazada and Shopee), and they do have a lot of bundle packs like these! Eagle-eyed netizens would also know that they also have gifts with purchase and flash sales with these soaps. 

This has a very discinct milk-strawberry fragrance. I wouldn't say strawberry milk has its own other fragrance. This is the fragrance that one ends up with after mixing the scents of strawberry milk and milk powder. 

The system is easy to follow as they have a simple two-step whitening routine with the Whitening Soap and Tone Up Cream. What's more, for longtime fans, or for those who wanna try out the brand, the pouch is just sooooo pretty!!! It's also durable and nicely made if you ask me. Much sturdier than what one would expect for a freebie pouch. 

Both sides have different designs, but of course, both sides are adorable. 

For other bundles, they do include free mirrors, and I was so giddy to receive one! The color and shape is so pretty. 

The mirror also goes on both panels. So again, this is yet another gift item that's more high quality than what one would expect. 

Each Kim Chiu Instant K-White Glow Skincare Cream Set is Php499, and it comes with four bars of 60g Double White Whitening Soap, one 20g Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream Tube, and of course it comes with the super cute Seoul White Korea K-Beauty Pouch.

It was first launched at BeautyMNL, and while it's on Lazada, it's out of stock as of writing. 

Given how cute this set is, it's likely to sell out fast, so be sure to shop now if you want to!

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