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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Makeup Design Academy Photography Makeup Day

It was an interesting day at makeup school because we discussed photography makeup. To show the difference in techniques on what to do for colored and black and white photography, my teacher demonstrated the techniques for colored photos on the right side of the model's face, and black and white photography techniques on the left side of the face. This is the model in normal settings...

My teacher told us to use foundation about 2 shades darker if it's for black and white photography, and to use black eyeshadow. If possible, she says, use the blackest lipstick available for use... 

So this is my model for the day, Baby, with no makeup. 

And this is her with the make up done... on the right side of her face I did a natural, romantic bridal look. And on the left, I did a super dark smokey eye using 2 shades of black from my eyeshadow sets. 

This is how she looks like overall... Too bad I didn't take photos of her in black and white settings of the camers. I mean I could do it via post processing, but it's different compared to when the camera is already set to black and white photography. The lights and other tools in school also make a difference...

Anyways, Im'ma upload more things soon. 


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