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Friday, December 20, 2013

NAKED 3 Review and Swatches!

Hi everyone! I know this is long overdue, but here it is finally, a swatch and review post about the highly anticipated NAKED 3 palettes!!! Woo hoo! I waited almost a month for this which is why in some way the hype was higher for me than for US-based beauty junkies who have easier access to their Urban Decay cravings... for my Philippine based readers, you can see my review on the reseller (Beautyholic Manila) I bought this from here :D 

So anyways, let's get started!

This is by far the second sequel to their highly acclaimed NAKED palette which they launched mid-2010. This palette took everyone by surprise though, amidst the fact that there are already 2 palettes in the line, because all of a sudden as the holidays were coming up Urban Decay announced the launch of this palette and built the hype by sending palettes to very popular bloggers like Jen ( and all. 

The hype this palette is getting is something that it deserves, because the formula is just so buttery, blendable, easy to work with, and she 12 rose-hued shades are just to die for!!! 

I know this is a long post but please bear with me as the palette is just so lovely that there's a lot to talk about!!! I actually even have another post that just functions as a photo appreciation post for this palette! Ha ha ha. 

And don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments box! <3 

These are more zoomed in photos on the palette's shades, but this batch is with natural sunlight only... 

On the other hand, these shots were taken when I opened up my softbox and placed in on the far left of the palettes, just to give you guys an idea on how the palette looks like in both natural light and artificial light. 

And now I'm gonna talk about the shades in more detail <3 

So the first six shades are the lighter, pinkish or peachy shades... 

Strange is  the highlight color of this palette. It's simply a matte off white color. I love that this is a matte color because I can use it not only for the eyes but also for highlyighting my forehead, cheeks, noseline, and basically it can substitute any face highlighting color in case you run out of it! 

Dust is a light strawberry milk colored shade in the palette. It's got microglitters in it, and I guess there was too much that it's super prone to fallout. The color is great but this has to be applied with the fingers because it's sooooo fallout prone. The name suits it a lot because it's very dusty to use... 

Burnout, I would say, is kind of the epitome of the rose-hued ness of the palette. It's a metallic-shimmery peach-pink color. I think that this can be the less peachy cousin of NARS' Orgasm blush! Since it's got no microglitters, it's super buttery in texture. 

Limit is a dirty rose-greyish color, and I'd say that it's the pinkish cousin of NAKED 1's NAKED shade... This is a purely matte shade... 

Buzz is the color I haven't been paying attention to, but it's not a bad shade at all. It's a mild, creamy version of red-violet, and this shade is shimmery with a little microglitter. The microglitter is not that massive though that this shade is not very fallout prone. 

Trick is the peach-bronzey color in this palette. It's shimmery with a touch of microglitter. This would have been my favorite off the whole palette had it not been for the excessive fallout. It's not as dusty as Dust but still dusty to some degree... 

And for the latter 6 shades of the palette, these are the more brown shades, and the rose-hued-ness is no longer that visible in these shades... 

Nooner is the darker cousin of Limit, and is the pinkish cousin of Buck from the NAKED 1 palette. This is a purely matte, purely buttery color. I love this a lot because it's sooo easy to work with on daytime looks. It may be pinkish in undertone but it doesn't look swollen or bruise-like on the eyes.

Liar is I think a slightly reddish brown metallic color in the palette. It's still not reddish enough to register as strongly as Buzz though. It's a metallic shade, and a buttery one at that. 

Factory is the kind of color that comes to mind when one says hot chocolate or milk chocolate. It's an unadulterated brown color (as in it's got no reddish, yellowish, greyish influences) and is a versatile brown metallic color for all sorts of uses. This is the kind of color suited for day and night use. 

Mugshot is a taupe-ey color, and metallic in nature. This is also another color very suited towards everyday makeup looks, or natural looks. But this is not my run to color in general as I like colors that 'pop' more than the neutral ones... 

Darkside is their greyish color in this palette. It's a greyish-taupe-ish color, and I love that the formula is so buttery that I can use dark colors like these with no fallout or dusting problems. It's great for building color on a smokey look without having to use eyeshadow shields!!! 

Blackheart is the black color of this palette, which is basically a matte charcoal black infused with reddish microglitters. The end result is like NAKED 2's blackout but with reddish undertones. The formulation has also afforded me to use a lot of this shade with no fallout problems whatsoever... 

All in all, this is a great palette, and I recommend this to everyone! It's very girly, the formulation is easy to work with, and I love the brush that it came with! 

The crease brush has afforded me to be able to apply color on my crease without looking like I came from a boxing match. Other brushes usually cause me problems as they are made for Caucasian eyes, and therefore apply shadow in larger surface area, causing my small surface area eyelids to be too saturated with color and bruised looking afterwards. I love the brush that this came with. 

I also love the present that this one came with, which is a month's supply of UDPP! How cool is that?! 

Overall, I love this palette! It's worth it! Urban Decay you did it again...

Do you like this palette as well? Tell me in the comments! <3 


  1. I think you're the first filipina blogger that I read a review of the naked 3 palette! Great job on the detailed review and swatches :) I noticed that the brush is dual-ended, I like that!!! My naked 1 palette only came in with a standard eyeshadow brush.

    1. wow mukha nga ata... and i think ang dami ngang nagtampo sa one sided brush ng naked 1 kaya double sided na ang brushes sa naked 2 and 3 hahahahahah