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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Maybelline Velvet Matte (Mat 8) Review and Swatches

Happy Halloween! And yes, since it's Halloween, I'm gonna be doing a review of the most whimsical Velvet Matte shade of all! This is Maybelline Velvet Matte in Mat 8. I find this the most whimsical color because it's literally like tomato sauce or chili sauce or ketchup. It honestly felt like I was applying ketchup on my lips when I was using this hahaha...

It feels like ketchup because it's not a very opaque shade, and the color is a red with some orange undertones. This doesn't lean on the bluish side unlike Mat 9 and Mat 11

As the swatch shows, it's like tomato. It's like fresh blood? This is I think the best red in the whole collection for Pinays because of the orange undertones. While I'm not stopping anyone from using any shade in the collection, I feel that this will look more flattering on honey and olive skintones over the blue based reds in the collection. If you have dark skin with reddish undertones, this is perfect for you. And well, this swatch looks like it's gloss because you have to apply it thinly and evenly to make it matte. It will not dry up like other matte lipsticks out there. 

This is now my ultimate Italian restaurant lippie of choice because no one will ever notice if it's still this lippie or tomato sauce that's already on my lips HAHAHA... and perhaps this will also be my buffet lippie of choice... 

It doesn't look 100% flattering on me because I have a very reddish skintone, and I think also because it looks better on dark skin over pale skin... But I'd say that this looks acceptable... 

Maybelline Velvet Matte can be purchased in all Maybelline counters nationwide for Php349 a pop. 

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