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Friday, January 15, 2016

Korean Mask Haul

Now this is a suuuper overdue post! But better late than never! This is my mask haul from my visit to Korea last year. 

I got myself some Tony Moly makgeoli mask sheets. 

As well as rice mask sheets from Tony Moly.

I also went to innisfree and got myself some mask sheets! I got myself some manuka honey, shea butter, and rose mask sheets.

This black berry mask sheet is a gift from them.
I also bought mask sheets from Nature Republic. I got myself shea butter mask sheets. 

And I also got myself royal jelly mask sheets!

I love hauls. That is all. 

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  1. I loved facial Mask, i love how smooth and tender the skin after using it hihi :) lovely

    1. totoo yan iba talaga ang hagod ng face mask

  2. Hi Mari, I am currently searching on the mask to use :) any suggestions ??(price friendly and with of course good quality) :) thanks xoxo

    1. i think the masks in this post already fit in that description hahaha