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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Beauty News: Maybelline Brings You The Powder Mattes

Manila, 2017 – While many makeup junkies are still head over heels for matte lipsticks, they are more than familiar with how their favorite mattes may feel dry and heavy on their lips. Girl, fret no more! Gone are the days of dry and heavy matte lipsticks as we welcome Maybelline New York’s first ever lightweight mattes, The Powder Mattes by Color Sensational from Maybelline New York.

“The Powder Mattes collection is really the first-of-its-kind! It is infused with twice the saturated powder pigments and honey nectar that gives you that lightweight feel on the lips so that dry and heavy matte feel can all be gone,” says Kat Diaz, Senior Product Manager for the Maybelline Philippines Lips category. “And that’s not all! We know every girl is head over heels for various lipstick shades and well, I’m happy to say that Powder Mattes has got all shades covered --15 shades from nudes to pinks to reds.”

Make a beeline *wink wink* for your own Powder Matte lipsticks from Maybelline counters nationwide for just Php299!!!

Photos of all the shades after the jump!

Up To Date 

Touch Of Nude

Technically Pink

Red-dy Red

Plum Perfection

Pink Shot

Pink Potion

Nude Illusion

Noir Red
Mauve It Up

Make Me Blush

Get Red-dy

Fuchsia Flash

Cherry Chic
Barely There 


ruby praxidio said...

Ang gaganda ng shade😊

ella lacsamana said...

I have na po ng touch of nude pero bakit po kaya pink ang touch of nude nila. Akala ko po yung nasa model yun ang color ng touch of nude nila. But i love it even though its pink. Its really powder matte.

Michele 'Mitzkeehpie' Ereño said...

Maybelline is always coming out with great products that us women would love. I love matte lipsticks. I fell in love with the Touch of Nude that's why I did purchase it especially they're on sale. Tho, the creamy mattes is more opaque but this powder mattes is buildable in color and it's lightweight on my lips.

Nichelle Abawag said...

Ang gaganda naman ate mari. Bagay kaya sakin yung touch of nude? �� naalala ko tuloy yung bitten lip. Sayang diko napanalunan.

Jenny Andres said...

cherry chic maganda

kate Sales said...

All shades are lovely! I already have the Nude Illusion, and I am lovin' it! Next on my list are Mauve it up and Cherry Chic. Hopefully mag sale ulit... Looking forward for your swatches and review ;)

Jez said...

Pretty colors!
Miss Mari, review swatches and your thoughts.

Angelica Madrona Santos said...

ate Mari yung shades ba nitong powder matte same lang ng mga shades nila sa creamy matte? parang same lang eh tapos iniba lang yung name?

Sam Aguilar said...

I love that Touch of Nude and Technically pink! level up nanaman lipsticks!!

Riyalyn Gatdula said...

I so loooove all the shades of powder matte's and naaalala ko na hindi ako nanalo neto sa IG contest way back then.. ;( So bumili ako nung nag-sale sa Lazada yung up to date and pink potion na shades.. I like the texture, very creamy and glide on the lips as smooth as a butter.. it then sets into a dry matte finish.. Kahit di kissable lips ko kiber lang!!!

FB: Rain Gatdula

Sunshine Louise Viloria said...

Yes! I dont like the heavy feeling I get using matte lippies and with your review maybe I'll give this a try. Thanks gorgeous 💄💄- Sunshinr Louise

Maria Ney Tayson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria Ney Tayson said...

I really love those shades especially Touch of Nude for Nudes, Mauve It Up for Pink and Plum Perfection for Red! <3 One of my favorites! Yie lakas maka-artista lalo yung Touch of Nude. Swear. All natural!

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