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  1. Unknown says

    Thank you so much for this review Mari!
    I live in Korea and am planning on doing a big makeup haul today, and I am really interested in this primer. I have olive skin (I am Mc NW25) but I do have slight redness and have been thinking about this product for a while. However I am a little worried as my skin is definitely darker than Korean skin and I don't want to look like a ghost πŸ™‚

    • Doll Up Mari says

      You're welcome! glad you got some info! I think it's not necessarily a problem if your skin is lighter in the sense that your foundation will work the same. Problems will only arise if you mix your foundation with some other shade and just figure out your shade on the spot because this primer will make your skin lighter. Other than that, your normal foundation will more or less just go on normally πŸ™‚

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