It's playtime! I know a lot of you have been hearing of Etude House's Play 101 pencils, and Pony's tutorials on it. I really love Pony and her tutorials, but I wanted to do something in reverse of what she did. As in her tutorials are on how to do full looks relying on the pencils alone, but today, I want to show all the possibilities that I can suggest for one pencil in the colection. 

So here's Etude House's Play 101 pencil #21! 

In this post, I'll show how you can use it as blush, and the various things you can do with it as a lippie. One pencil goes a long way, indeed! 

In general, the description is that Play 101 pencils are gel type pencils, and their uses are for whatever you can think of. 

As such, they have this special texture wherein the product is moist and blendable and works as a pencil, but after you leave it on the skin for x number of minutes, it sets and will not easily budge anymore. 

#21, specifically, is the basic stoplight red/ neutral balanced red in the collection. I will definitely not say that this is blue based, and it's possibly pink based, although just a little. It's a primary red and not a cherry red. 

What relieved me is that these pencils come with sharpeners! I have their retractable eyeliner and I had a hard time using it after it got blunt as it didn't come with a sharpener. At least with this pencil, the sharpener aids to make sure that the pencil is always sharp!
Here's the description: 

And here are the ingredients and weights: 

This is my swatch of the pencil. You can see what I mean that you can blend it (as seen on the right), and of course, you can also layer it up for a rich and vibrant color as seen on the left. 

So, let's get started with playtime! 

Of course, first and foremost, you can use this pencil as a lipstick. It doesn't have the exact matte texture of a lip liner pencil, so you can wear this and it'd still feel comfortable as a lippie. 

And well, let me just lament a bit that it's a really long pencil. I know it's got good value for money as it's long, but I think this'll just be for home use as it will probably not comfortably fit in a lot of vanity pouches. 

And nonetheless, you can also use this as lip liner. 

Boy am I glad that it matches the color of Lime Crime's Velvetine (in Red Velvet) because it's just so hard to use Velvetines alone! At least my lips are now properly lined thanks to this pencil. 

You can also wear this and top it with their Color Lips Fit gloss for a really pouty look, but do expect that the color will be less intense after the gloss is applied. 

Color Lips Fit is really suitable for this application because it's not too runny that you needn't worry that this product will run or spill of your lips after the gloss is applied! 

This will definitely help if you have thin lips and you want it to look more plump. 

You can also use this pencil for a subtle gradient lip! It works well as lip tint with a cotton swab. 

Simply take the pencil, apply a little on the inner parts of your lips, and smudge with a cotton swab. Once it's blended out and looks like a subtle tint, take Color Lips Fit and carefully apply it on the lips. Take care to not spread the red color all over the lips!

This is a subtle gradient, but if you want the full blown effect, you can also carefully apply a lip concealer/ nude eyeshadow/ BB cream on the outer parts of your lips and blend it in with the lip gloss.

Also, apologies for my eternally dry lips! I'm sure that this'll look nice if your lips aren't chapped.  

For a matte lip, you can take your Lovely Cookie Blusher or any EH pinkish/reddish eyeshadow and all you need to do is simply tap it over your lips after using the pencil. The final effect, is also something not suited when your lips are dry and cracking, but it's a fun way to replicate the effects of Color Lips Fit in unique colors! 

Simply apply the pencil as a lipstick, and swab your finger over the blush. Make sure that your finger is extremely dusty (with the blush) to make sure that it's the blush that will transfer onto the lips and not the pencil transferring to the finger! 

Hooray for matte lips! 

If you want it to be less intense and you want it to be pinker or with a more cherry color, you can also use it with your Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color blushes! All the shades of cupcake all over color are cool toned, and a lot are bluish pink toned, so it'll lend an interesting effect to the lip pencil. 

Simply apply the pencil like a lipstick, take a small sliver (I usually flick my nail over the product and one flick's worth is more or less what I use) and apply it onto your lips. Simply pucker up until it's nice and blended. You can also use a lip brush to blend it if you want. 

If anything, I have learned that my Cupcake All Over Color is a good product to tone down any lippie that's too intense or too matte (to make it more slippery and more comfy). Since it's opaquely pinkish, it will lighten and brighten any intense/ gothic lip color into a bright, cheery color that you can use everyday. I also like that the product size is really big that even if I mix it with my lippies, it'll still be a long way to go before I reach the bottom of the canister! You can try this with all other sorts of lip colors to see different results. 

Last, and definitely, most definitely not the least, you can use this pencil as a blush. This will work best right before your apply face powder, but you can also apply it after powder. 

Simply make small lines on your cheek, and immediately blend with your fingers. I mean immediately because if you leave it on for too long, it'll set and you'll have visible lines on your face. 

I love how you can get a subtle glow when using this as blush. It works like a tint, but what I like better about this is that aside from this, it can do so many other things that tints cannot do. 

So that's it for this episode of playtime! There are more episodes to come, so stay tuned! 

As for this pencil, you can get this in Etude House Philippines outlets for Php348. Based on how much applications you can do with this pencil, I really think that it's worth the price. 

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