In a very rare occasion, I'll be giving review to an eye care product. I know it's not a common thing to see here on the blog given that usually I do reviews on makeup itself. However, I have long had dry eyes, and whenever I am stressed or depressed, or when weather conditions are not favorable, I get dry eye attacks. In general, this is already my condition by nature, and me wearing contact lenses just makes the problem worse. 

Of course, I can also not wear lenses and all, but it affords me to make my eyes look lighter and more charming, and of course in a beauty blog or in a makeup tutorial this makes the whole aura better. Before I had this baby, all I did was simply use it shortly at home when taking photos then immediately remove it after. I did not dare to step out of the house with contact lenses because I knew that after three hours my eyes would be so dry already. 
And then this baby came to me huhuhu. This is the list of ingredients for those who can read in Japanese. Good to note though is that it contains L-menthol, which is why it feels cool on the eyes. Also seen in the active ingredients are Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 0.5%, Potassium Chloride 0.08%, Sodium Chloride 0.44%, Sodium Bicarbonate 0.05% and Hydroxyethylcellulose 0.02%.

These are the warning signs. Basically if you feel any discomfort or may have allergies to it, stop use and go to your doctor. 

It also makes its promotions here. It promotes that it can make eyes prettier as it has an eye treatment ingredient in the form of sodium chondroitin sulfate,  and hydroxyethylcellulose for the betterment of the lens.

It's also for all kinds of lenses, whether hard, soft, Oxygen (O2) or disposable lenses. 

For consumers' safety, it's also got a cardboard perforation that you punch to open the box. 

In the kit is the bottle of eye drops and a manual. 

On the left side, it's been promoting that it has a free angle nozzle, so you can get a good drop to come off the nozzle regardless how the bottle is tilted. On the right side, it's instructions on how to open and close the cap. Simply twist the cap and lift it to open the product, and just snap the cap back on when closing it. 

These are warnings on usage, basically it's the usual do not use when discomfort occurs kind of warning... Discontinue usage when itching or sensitivity occurs. As for the product, keep it away from sunlight, high temperature, humidity, and the reach of children.

The dosage is 5-6 times a day, each time using 1-2 drops on each eye. 

This is the product itself. I was kinda impressed that it came in a plastic bag of its own so that in the case that the box gets wet or muddied, the product inside stays safe. 

And now it's time to realize that it's very very small. I was surprised actually because when the box came I was expecting it to be a bit heavier, and I was expecting less clanging from the box because I thought that the bottle would be almost as big as the box. 

To show how small it is, here it is beside a 5 peso coin. This product is so small that it will definitely be allowed on carry on baggage in planes, will fit any makeup kit and vanity pouch, and will fit even in small pockets. I also love the really small serving because this means that you'd finish this quickly and would buy a new bottle again, there's a small chance of someone keeping this for years way beyond its expiration date. 

I also liked the packaging! It's really cute. 

The free angle nozzle feature is true, because previously I've had difficulties with eye drops. I usually just get the drops into my eyes 55%-60% of the time, but with this product, I get the drops into my eyes 85%-95% of the time. And I get the full drop. I think you can relate to the feeling when you drop into your eyes and then only half the drop gets in and the other drop gets spilled on your cheeks or somewhere on the corner of your eyes. With this product, I usually get full drops. 

In terms of comfort, I can now wear the lenses for six hours or more thanks to this product. Without this product, I can only last about 2 hours comfortably, but with this product, I'm able to go on for waaay longer. My eyes feel really moist for hours, and surprisingly even when I drop this onto my eyes when I have makeup, the spillovers do not ruin my makeup. I don't get smudged makeup with this product, which is why I recommend this a lot. I apply this every 2 hours or so, and it really helps a lot to keep my eyes moist amidst wind and sunlight. 

I also noticed the difference after taking the lenses off. I usually have a dry spell after the lenses are off, and sometimes the dry spell lasts overnight. After pairing this with my contact lens usage, my eyes feel normal after I take the lenses off. Goodbye, dry spells! 

It feels minty cool on the eyes, but just right to not feel like a stinging sensation. However, one thing I did notice was the appearance of small red nerves on my eyes after application. I don't know why this happens, it must be due to the menthol. In general, I still use the product because it feels comfortable and I do not experience any pain or irritability with it. 

This just means that I can now attend events and parties with lenses on! Woo hoo! Goodbye, dry spells!

I got this baby for Php350 from Japanichi Shop. They seem to have had a price hike and it's Php450 now here... However, amidst the price hike, I still recommend this product a lot whether if you just want to feel more comfortable with contact lenses or if you have very very dry eyes like me. 

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