Hooray for hauls! But no to late uploads! 

Apologies if this is only up here now because I was busy with so many other blog stuff that even if I had purchased this weeks ago, it's only now I'm making a formal haul post for this. 

So anyways, let's get started! 

I got myself a Crystal Jelly blush. It's amusing because it comes in this really lovely mostly matte partly pearly coral peach color. This one is Php328 I think. 

I am always obsessed with contouring powder and currently the fastest diminishing product in my kit is my CanMake shading powder so I thought that it'd be good to try their Crystal Blusher (I think this is #03) and see how it fares compared to my other contour products. This is more or less at Php350.

Say hello to Cat Chu Wink Liplicious Lip Gloss. I got this lip gloss primarily because there was a cat on the tube, and that it had a comfortable texture. This is Php178 I think.

Being the Crazy Cat Lady I am, I also got myself their Cat's Wink Clear Pact powder. It's soooooo cute I love everything that has cats on it. 

And hooray for gifts with purchase! I got this amply sized tube of their BCDation for free with my purchase.

I also got a snail foot mask for free! Oh gosh I hope it cures my feet from ugliness hahaha

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