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  1. Precious Joy Angeles says

    Pwede po paki explain yung details at the back? haha char lang Ms. Mari! Ang ganda ng shades niya. Im only using San-San Pencil eyebrow. Di pa ako nakagamit ng eyebrow powder.

  2. Unknown says

    Eyebrow product and contouring in one plus holy grail, and does not fade even on a hot day or with a very oily skin, this really caught my attention. Love the swatch, it is really pigmented, my bet for me is the dark brown, swatched on the left so that when I apply it, i will not be needing lot of product since its already dark, this way I will save more hehe! Btw, is this product also available in physical stores here in the Philippines? Im looking for something that will stay on my brows even i am sweating and getting oil up under this hot summer, want to try this one.

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