I think I can safely say that I am an Urban Decay collector now because I buy UD items that I already consciously know as phased out. I dunno, I just feel like I missed out on a lot by not having a Vice 1 palette that it kinda translated to a lot of the other items that Urban Decay has. I know, I'm so emotional right huhubells. 

Anyways, this is their marshmallow powder! This isn't really a high end 'outshine your neighbor' kind of product, as with usual Urban Decay products, but it's super amusing though. 

This is a body shimmer. 
A body shimmer that smells like marshmallows. 
A body shimmer that tastes sweet. 
Sweet. sweet. sweet.
Turns out the marshmallow powder was included about three years ago in Urban Decay's Urban Bride kit. It was a box filled with essentials for the bride for her wedding service and reception (like lip gloss, makeup setting spray, and face powder), and I think this body powder in particular was meant for the honeymoon or first night together as it's a kissable and lickable body powder. 

This whole box was sold for $42 back then, and the marshmallow powder alone was sold for $12 before it got sold out. As for this box, for some reason, they did not renew/reformulate/repackage this and phased it out altogether. Basing from the comments on Temptalia, maybe they didn't continue this a lot of people were complaining that it had an eyeshadow primer but did not come with an eyeshadow set, and it had no blush, which people complained as an irony when a bride is supposed to be blushing. I did understand that they didn't have to have blush and eyeshadow because those two things are things that the makeup artist is already supposed to have and to apply. The box after all was meant to be like a beauty first aid kit for a bride and not as a makeup collection box. 

Upon receiving this in the mail, the first thing I did was sniff it, and boy did it smell good. It smelled like marshmallows very accurately. Or maybe marshmallow frosting, because marshmallow themselves don't smell as strong. 

It has a nice outer packaging and all, but I was in for a shock to see this thin plastic sheet being the lid for the whole thing. It came with a sticker and all, but I was actually too afraid of pulling or poking the sticker for fear of damaging the plastic lid altogether. 

So what I did everytime I used it was to remove this whole lid. If you look closely you'd see too that the whole set of powder is also contained in a plastic box, which is good so that you can avoid spills (compared to if it was the cardboard box itself and the plastic lid which may not fit perfectly in the end), but given that this is Urban Decay I kinda did expect the plastic to be a bit thicker and sturdier. 

Once opened up, this is how the thing looks like. I love the gush of marshmallow air whenever I open the lid huhuhu. 

However this is kinda where the problem arises-- it's too pigmented that it's not easy to get this to just be a light body shimmer on someone if you'll be using the puff. I have never used the puff it came with to apply this but I already have a strong feeling that it would just pat on the color too strongly. For a light shimmer effect one would most probably have to use a very very fluffy brush, tap it the slightest bit into the tub of powder, scrape off a bit of the excess on the rim of the tub, and dab on the person to get a glowing, non-disco diva effect. 

I'm thinking that the blending difficulties with this powder could have been the reason why it got phased out. A lot of people could have gotten frustrated with the puff without trying any other method of application. But in general, I think it's workable with the right tools, and this is the kind of product you buy for the novelty and not for the function itself anyways. 

Personally, I bought this thinking that it'd be a cute and fun product to use on future friends and clients who'll be donning strapless and backless ensembles, or just to poke fun at people's boyfriends and husbands (mehehe). I'm just glad that at this rate that it's so pigmented I think I can use very little of this each time, meaning that I can use this baby for many many applications. 

It didn't come cheap though...
I got this for Php1000 still at Beautyholic Manila, having already been discounted from Php1600.
I am not sure if she still has this powder available, but there were three variants of this (this marshmallow one, a honey powder which was gold shimmer and cocoa powder which was a bronzing shimmer) and maybe Jen still might have stocks. Ask her, not me! Hahaha.

And like, it's just important for girls to have makeup that looks good in pictures, like this one. Ho ho ho.

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