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  1. Stacie says

    Mask sheets! I have used the rice variant before and it's so good! Tony Moly face masks are my favorite! I've only tried etude, face shop, dermal, and tony moly though ๐Ÿ˜›

    A friend of mine stops over in Korea whenever she goes back to the US, so now, she asks me for what I want from the duty free shop. She got like 120 mask sheets for $42! And she had 10 more gwp mask sheets XD Now I'm helping her sell them because there's just too much XD

    • Stacie says

      And lucky you, you can speak Mandarin, I believe or maybe Cantonese, because I can only speak Hokkien and almost no one speaks it anymore unless I go to southeast asian countries.

    • Doll Up Mari says

      I really now understand how Koreans find it normal to use mask sheets all the time hahaha. And I actually did end up with like almost 70 sheets from my recent Korea trip just because of all the promotions and price markdowns. I can speak Hokkien, too, but haven't found a place where it's useful yet (aside from Binondo HAHAHA)

    • Stacie says

      TRUE! Even when I "studied" (I still consider it as a vacation/tour) in Fujian, there were only a few people who can speak fukien XD

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