In yet another post in Himalaya Herbals Appreciation month (which I totally made up by the way), today's review is about their Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash Review.

This dffers from the previous two facal washes I've reviewed because it's a different kind of formula. It may not be down right foamy, but the formula is creamier than the other facial washes in their roster. This is meant to be their more gentle cleanser for whiter and brighter skin, and it's a more moisturizing formula than their other products.

The special thing about this wash is that it has saffron extracts.

It also has licorice and white dammer in it alongside its Herbal Actives formula.

The saffron is known to help the complexion and clear blemishes, and the licorice and white dammer are there to help lighten the skin. It's also got pomegranate and cucumber that soothe the skin.

For the curious folks out there, the ingredients are here as well.

It is still gel in format, but it's got a very creamy feel to it. It's not just the color of the product, but it also has a richer lather and it feels more moisturizing on the skin rather than oil removing. But well, since this is from a brand that has the hot climates in top consideration, there's still an anti oil factor to it.

The lather is still not as rich as the legit foam type facial washes out there, but compared to the other facial washes in the brand, the lather of this one is very rich. It's also got this vintage scent which I really love.

 This is the perfect thing to use if you have combination skin because it removes oil just right and moisturizes dry patches just right. This is something great for everyday use, though I think this is more for women than men because it's not as oil-removing as their other products.

What I've observed from using this for quite some time is that it does make the skin glowing. It doesn't really whiten the skin, but it helps to make the skin look less dull. I haven't seen it get rid of my blackheads, but I like how it helps make an overall effort to make the skin clear and smooth.

Just like all the other Himalaya products out there, I love how affordable it is! At Php79 for 50mL tubes and Php129 for 100mL tubes, what's not to like?

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