Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Review

This is Maybelline's Lip Gradation in Mauve 1, but I know it's on the news not because it's great for gradation, but more so because it's one of the most affordable and best performing Kylie Lip Kit dupes out there.

So this is how it looks like. Like its sisters Pink 1 and Fuchsia 1, it's got a long body, of which the color of the tube reflects the color of the shade. 
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Size

So this is the label of the shade. I heard Georgina uses this (yes, the Georgina Wilson) and mixes this around with Maybelline lippies, so technically this is already one step to being Georgina. 
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Lid

They thankfully have the manufacturing date engraved on the product for everyone's convenience.
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) MFG Date

So these are the foam applicators that they come with. They're meant to make pulling off a gradient lip easier.
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Foam Applicator with Lid
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Foam Applicator

Color wise, I'd call this a brownish mauve. My idea of mauve is a slightly brownish plum with more emphasis on the plum, so the brown-ness of this warrants this to be a brownish mauve. I'd personally call this an earthy clay pot levels brown hahaha.
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Lipstick
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Lipstick Zoom

This is the swatch. It's a warm leathery brown.
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) Swatch

This is how it looks when you apply it, then wipe the color off and dab, and blend concealer to the tint that it leaves. This is a great way to pull off matte nude lippies for the people who do not suffer from chronic dry lips.
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) On Lips

And adding gloss may make it look scary and patchy when zoomed in, but it looks so pretty from afar!
Maybelline Lip Gradation (Mauve 1) with Gloss

I feel like my lips became fuller and plumper just because of the right color and the right gloss!

I find it generally affordable at Php399 assuming you already know what shade you want or can stick to buying just one shade (which I'm sure many of you will have a hard time doing hahaha)

And BTW, these retail for Php399 a pop in Maybelline counters nationwide. 

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