Another Pond's review coming your way!!! Weeee!!!

Okaaaay, so this product has been in the market for quite some time now. They launched it in early 2015 I think. I got my tube in mid 2015, but well, life happened and I got busy so it's only now I'm churning out a review for this!

Anyways, this is Pond's white beauty pearl cleansing gel.

So this is the 50mL tube. I can't remember how much I got this for but it most probably is Php85 given how other facial washes of this size are priced.

And this is the actual product. It looks like any hand soap/ sanitizing gel in the market. This amusingly is actually what smells more like a rose rather than their Dewy Rose Gel XDD. 

Unlike their other facial foams, this is so much more plain. But I don't mean that in a bad way. I actually like this whole minimalistic concept to facial washes because I think I kinda lean more towards the East Asian philosophy of cleansing. More Western cultures, and our country being so Western also being included, like microbeads as a form of cleansing. Like we love the basic facial wash, but we look to the microbeads for the cleansing. There is the of course belief that the beads help to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin. Even as of late, Pond's has been putting a lot of money in their Acne Clear White facial scrub.

But for East Asian philosophies, microbead facial washes are identified more strictly as facial scrubs that are not intended for daily use. The basic premise of cleansing relies a lot on foaming bottles, foaming aerosol washes, and basically having foam so foamed up that it's already like hair mousse that the belief is that the microbubbles are small enough to seep into our pores and suck out the dirt. The facial washes that sell best are those that can reach hair mousse consistency...

I feel like this product is a whole big step towards that philosophy despite not acting like hair mousse.

When I first used this product, I initially just thought that they did this to make a mental image of a cooler and lighter feeling for the hot climate. Like it's supposed to be "lighter" than the basic facial wash, because gel usually does mentally "seem" cooler than anything that isn't gel...

But something amusing I discovered after several uses that they were really serious about the whole "oxygenated pearl gel" part. The moment you apply it to the skin and moisten it with water, you can feel it fizzing and bubbling up by itself. And no, it's not the usual foaming up that you experience with most facial washes. It's literally like applying a suspension of Sprite to your face and feeling a gentle fizzing sensation.

I'm sorry folks if I changed your image of this product forever, but that's really how it feels like. It may not be as opaque white as other facial washes once moistened and massaged, but feels wise it makes a whole lot more bubbles. It's like the product is built in with a foaming bottle even if it's not.

Personally, I super liked this whole sensation because it's refreshing. I especially like using this in the morning because this is a perk-me-up when I'm super sleepy and it helps me get on with my day. It's a facial wash experience of its own and it's something that I cannot fully describe in words.

Makeup removal wise, while this is so gentle and refreshing, it can't really get rid of much. This is not the kind of product I'd use on a lazy day with a little bit of makeup on because as far as my experiences go, it can't get rid of BB cream and eyebrow products. I still will turn to their non-gel facial washes to get rid of my makeup on lazy days.

Aaaaand, I've stung my eyes countless times using this facial wash because it creates so much bubbles that you kinda think you've washed everything off only to open your eyes and face the wrath of the product hahaha. I've heard countless of beauty gurus talking about the 7 splash rule (or is it 8? or 9? I can't even remember) where they advocate using at least 7/8/9/whatever that number was splashes of water before calling it a day with facial wash. There are some people who believe that only after X number of stipulated splashes of water is the face truly clean from all residue of facial wash. I have never obeyed this hahaha. I have always been washing my face on a feeling basis and if it feels like it's off, I stop. But well this facial wash is making me reconsider that 7 splash rule now...

Overall this is an affordable product with a refreshing feeling. I do see myself buying this again, but I am more likely to reserve this for morning use when I still do not have any makeup on. And of course care must be taken to not open the eyes too early. But still, this generally is a pleasant product everyone can consider trying. 

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