#SundaySalt #BreathingYourWayToBeauty Weee! So last May 15, Aqua Mineral invited quite a bounty of bloggers to come together and experience their products and services.

So yes, this was held at The Observatory, which was quite amusing for me as this is the first time I actually went to this vicinity in general. I had nooo idea at all that there's already a Century City Mall and a gazillion of office and residential towers. They had so much guests, and you can kind of see it with the number of name tags on the desk! The organizers really had their hands full.

The event was quite jam packed so even early on there were already so many people. It was quite fun as it was already so lively and I immediately saw my friends Jaimie and Lourdes.

Just so that I could say that this is the observatory, here's the view from this floor.

One amusing highlight of the day is that there were Miss Tourism Philippines participants walking around as the pageant and the brand are partners, I'm just not sure who's sponsoring who.

There were so many pretty ladies, as expected! Miss Dapitan won my heart as she looks a lot like Kim Rodriguez, and I've long loved Kim's look as she's the epitome of fresh Pinay beauty.

Miss Manila is also another cutie. I was sad though that I wasn't able to see Miss Quezon City!

Perhaps the most amusing part of it all is that they are all wearing sky high Bragais shoes. I love the straps of the shoes, but I honestly cannot wear them at those heights! I hope Mr. Bragais decides to make non pageant people friendly wedges and kitty heels.

Another important supporter is Mister International 2014 himself, Mr. Neil Perez!

There were Professional Nail Kits lying around, but I wasn't able to try it! But like these are super famous for making your nails super pretty and shiny. Their nail buffer and oil combo is famous for making nails stay shiny for days.

And yaaay here's our handsome speaker. He discussed that Aqua Mineral is doing its best to expand and be in most of the malls where there is a demand for the product. They take pride in selling premium products with premium Dead Sea nutrients. Apparently, I learned from his talk that the Dead Sea is a national treasure in Israel. The government regulates the harvesting off of the Dead Sea and does its best to protect and preserve this national treasure. It gets to the point that companies like Aqua Mineral are made to pay premiums and whatnot when there is scarcity or heightened regulation over the Dead Sea. That's why they take pride that only pure, unadulterated minerals from the Dead Sea touch the users' skin.

So you may be wondering what these products laden with Dead Sea minerals are good for. So yeahp, here's a powerpoint slide with all that. And no I'm not challenging you to read this, I zoomed in the photo to see everything hahaha. So Dead Sea minerals have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. They recommend Aqua Mineral products for people with psoriasis, neurodermatitis and dermatitis, eczema, acne, and other skin issues.

But the key innovation that they wanted to present for the day is that they have harnessed the power of salt in a new way. They figured out that the salt must have deep healing effects in the respiratory system as salt miners are rarely, if ever, ill. I guess what the elderly say about spending more time in the beach or in the sea to improve lung health is true. So yeah, they decided to make that whole concept of inhaling dead sea salts in a way that is potent and effective enough to help improve asthma and to not make us all look silly. I don't think people will take us seriously if they see us deep into sniffing a jar of Aqua Mineral cream hahaha. So yes, today's revelation is they now have salt rooms in Manila!

But deep in the depths of the store is a salt room. I've never been there, this was only the photo that they sent. They charge Php3,800/hour to use the room, but they do give out discounts or waive the whole usage fee if you buy a good amount of products. I am seriously envious of the salesladies here because they technically get whole days of free salt room usage when they do massages and demonstrations inside this room! I suddenly want to apply now hahahaha...

And yes, I was told that even the walls are made of salt. They even had to hire specialist engineers to get the salt onto the walls as it's not as simple of plastering salt on the wall with glue. Maintenance is even harder as you have to keep things at the right temperature and humidity levels or else the salt will melt. The salt room features Sea Salt, Dad Sea Sat, and Himalayan Salt. They put together all the best salts in the world to make a room that can really improve one's lung condition.

But well, we got our fair share of salt for the day as they graciously provided demonstrations of their products! This is their Aqua Mineral Body Scrub which has been a favorite in our family for the longest time. We love this so much because it makes your skin just so soft and supple and glowing. And perhaps the best part is that this brand's scrub in particular will make you smell like a fresh little cupcake. 

And wee, I also got to try other favorites from the brand! They have a Milky Facial Scrub which feels like a gentle emulsion n the skin. The lotion is also probably going to earn all my raves because it smells like cocoa butter.

They also have all their creams, but well, since these take time to try, I wasn't able to try them anymore.

They also have their roster of skincare, and I was able to try the cream! It's amusing because it has baby Vitamin E capsules inside it, and they dissolve once you apply the product to your skin. It's using cream and applying Vitamin E at the same time.

And I'm glad Lourdes was a sport as I took pictures of her while Elna is doing her skincare. Elna is the store manager I think at Resorts World, which is why she is super knowledgeable about the products. She's taking Lourdes' photos because she wants to show the instant before and after effects. Too bad I don't have the pics with me, but you really could see subtly noticeable changes in her skin immediately after using the mask and the cream.

Till next time, let's breathe our way into beauty! 

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