So you guys know just HOW giddy I am receiving the L'Oréal Velvet Pinks Collection. Now, I am yet in another heart attack slash fantasy as Maybelline just unraveled to the world a stellar 5-shade nude pink lipstick collection. If there's anything right Maybelline has done this year, it must be everything. And this one is just gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I'm lost for words as I do this post because the lippies are just too pretty, and these are all the mellow pink lipsticks I would choose in a heartbeat, or the mellow pinks I'd make if I were to ever collaborate with a makeup brand. 

So let's move on as I adore this beautiful collection. Gah so much pretty I can't even mljklksfjdksjflskjfklsf

So these are all the shades, they come in the following codes: 
Mat 1- Natural Beige
Mat 2- Salmon Pink
Mat 3- Rosy Peach
Mat 4- Apricot Beige
Mat 5- Soft Pink 

I thought I'd do that now because some of you guys might be searching for the shades based on number, and the others, based on name. 

And here is how they look like!!! I am just sooo happy doing this post because every single one can pass as my MLBB oh my goodness I can't contain my excitement.

So yeah, going back, this is Mat 1 or Natural Beige. In real life it's a neutral tone pinkish beige.

This is Mat 2, or Salmon Pink. This one looks a lot like Mat 1, and if you do not scrutinise them while looking at them together, you'll barely notice the difference. This one, though, is a warmer version of Mat 1 with a touch of coral.

Mat 3 is Rosy Peach, and it's like a dusty old rose, but a little bit more vibrant. I think the peachyness will probably show itself in the swatch, but if you look at just the product itself, it's warm, but not a peachy kind of warm.

Mat 4 is Apricot Beige. The name is really appropriate as this is literally the shade of apricot mixed with beige. It's a very cool, creamy version of tangerine if I were to describe it with my own words.

Mat 5 is Soft Pink. This is what I'd call a strawberry milk pink, that leans towards the more mellow and cool side. This looks similar to Mat 3, but the difference is obvious in the sense that this is cooler and is lighter in hue compared to Mat 3.

To give you a finality, this is how all the shades look like side by side. I know there will be criticisms thrown at Maybelline that the shades look all too similar, but I think such small variations was due to the nature of the shades and the nature of Pinays. Since these are meant to be nude pink shades, they are supposed to be able to appear natural or "invisible" with the wearer's skintone. A small difference in lipstick color will already make the product look too obvious or too invisible (as in it looks pale already) on someone. It's a different situation compared to when they're doing shocking colors and they really want to create electrifying shades representing the whole rainbow.

And, I think it's also because, as I've learned throughout the years, that Maybelline in the Philippines always has the Pinay skintone in mind. I am guessing this collection was eyed for Pinays (wherein we expect mestiza, chinita, kayumanggi, and morena skintones), and we don't really have much of a racial variation compared to Western countries in general, hence the small variation in lipstick shades.

My personal favorite from my first impression is Mat 5, but I still will be back to swatch them and verify if this favorite will still remain to be my favorite! 

These lipsticks are available at Php299 a pop in Maybelline counters nationwide, so try them today! 

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