Charis Beautiful Journey In Seoul

Mari from da club says hiiiiiii!!! T'was my first time ever to go blonde and I was able to do it when the lovely peeps of Charis brought us to RaBeautyCore for a total makeover session! We also hung out at D Bridge Lounge in Chungdam for the last day of our Charis Beautiful Journey.

The Charis team divided us into two groups. The girls who were getting their hair done had to be ready earlier than the girls who weren't. Some of the influencers have haircare contracts, or just had freshly bleached hair, or were to have hair related engagements upon getting home, so not everyone could have hair color.

I joined the early group and so we were out of the hotel at 10:30 or so. We made our way to Gangnam.

The salon wasn't very far away and we made it to Ra Beauty Core in no time. Do not be fooled by the small door for this establishment is a mammoth.

You may have heard of this salon already because it is a very popular salon frequented by the rich and powerful. Celebs often come here to get their hair done, and rich madams of Korea flock to this salon to get a quick pampering. I've heard of this place on TV before so it was interesting to see it in real life. 

And just to show how legit it is, ladies and gentlemen, this is the first salon I've ever seen with its own valet service. Yeahp, it's THAT legit. 

So my makeup for this day was suuuper rushed. My contact lens tore inside my eye at the last minute, so that caused delays. I knew I had to be on time because we were really asked to cooperate as it will not be easy to get everyone's hair done on time. 

This is Hyuntae, the president and hair god of RaBeautyCore. On the right (with the pink lanyard) is Aiden, CEO of Madquare, the company behind Charis. Aiden introduced Hyuntae and talked about how RaBeautyCore is one of the most prestigious salons in Korea, and about how many influential clients they have.

I think this is a wall full of the celebs they work on. As in I swear anyone who's anyone in the entertainment industry has been here at least once.
Since this floor doesn't have much windows, they had to make up for it with a lavish sunroof. That's why it's so nice and sunny here. 

The stylists waste no time and get to work on my hair immediately. This is how my hair looked like after the bleach was washed off.

I know the first question that comes to mind is whether it hurt or not, and I am sooo happy to say that it didn't sting at all!!! I was so shocked myself! I thought that the bleach would be the scary part as what many people had warned me about, but it wasn't. And then I realized that this salon is on the Shiseido haircare system. It's my first time to ever see a salon who uses Shiseido for their entire professional hair system. Much wow very color.

After getting my hair done, it was makeup time. I am soooo in awe with the amount of makeup each makeup artist has! There were drawers and drawers of products below this countertop with cosmetics filling each drawer to the brim. Gah I wish I had this kind of makeup kit.

I asked for idol makeup. I am fascinated with how Koreans have their own take on the sexy eye look and so I asked for that. My peg was Tiffany of SNSD as she always has nice makeup for her performances.

I really loved my brows. Miss makeup artist was able to skillfully just enhance my eyebrowdery and make it all look natural. I like how my eyebrowdery has not been a hindrance to achieving a full blown Korean look. I also was blown away when I realized that she placed the falsies in front of my lashline and not behind it. I thought it'd hurt so bad until I realized that that's what she has done and I didn't even feel any discomfort at all! I only knew that that was what happened when it was about time to get the lashes off.

After we left the salon, we went to Aimo E Nadia restaurant for our dinner party.

We had to wait a bit outside while they were getting the venue ready so I had time to take some photos of the surroundings.

One of the key highlights was to celebrate the "birth" day of Charis. Last month was the official launch of Charis, and as such, it is a very exciting milestone for all. The staff of Madsquare have been working on this for many months, and seeing the official debut of course is something special. This is why Andy is holding a cake and Aiden is waiting to slice it with a knife while Daniel is talking about the milestone. On the leftmost is the lovely Nicole who was translating things to Chinese.

After the awarding of special awards for the tour, it's finally dinnertime!

This is what we had for starters!

We also got grilled mushroom salad. Korean mushrooms are very flavorful and I will forever treasure this salad.

We got yet another serving of pumpkin soup in this trip. Korean pumpkins indeed are very tasty.

I can't remember the sauce of this pasta but I loved the fact that it had shrimp.

Of course the key highlight to the meal was steak served with nuts and vegetables.

For dessert we had panna cotta with fruits.

After dinner it was party and clubbing time so the whole group headed down to D. Bridge lounge in Chungdam. This is a legit place as there were lots of models and celebs hanging out the night we were there. This really is the "it" place in the clubbing scene.

I am not into clubbing and drinking so I spent the evening for selfies and photos. They had a photo printer in place so I got a lot of selfies with Charis staff members printed out.

And that's it for my Charis Beautiful Journey! I stayed in Korea longer, but as far as the Charis related activities go, this was the last. I had so much fun and I will forever cherish this experience. I was able to meet a lot of bloggers, see a lot of places in Korea, and I was also able to finally meet the staff of Charis. In the months leading up to this I could only imagine who these people were. It was so nice to meet them and be friends with them. 

Till the next Beautiful Journey! 

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